How to do a great erotic story

Someone asked the Queen of erotica Zane how she keep coming up with her stories because lets face it there is only so many ways to fuck right? Her answer made me change the way I write my erotic short stories. I can’t remember her answer word for word but the idea was stop making the plot around the sex scene but make the sex scene around the plot. It makes sense when you put it into real life situations.

Say you and your boo thang haven’t seen each other for months because he has been deployed for about eleven months (yeah talk about build up!) that not seeing each other and preparing for that moment is enough to put anyone over the edge.


Sometimes adding an intense emotion pushes the sex over the right edge. What about a woman who has random sex with a guy from the office she didn’t know she had feelings for. She always has her guard up as well but during the back bending sex in her office she experiences something she didn’t know was there and she starts to cry during an orgasm. You not only going to be shocked but keep reading too so you can find out why she responded like that.

Build up

Sex is exciting, erotic, satisfying especially when there is a hot build up to it. Create that four play mood so by the time they are ready to throw down you’ll be ready to throw down too!


Yeah there is only so many ways to fuck but that doesn’t mean you have to have your characters do the same things they always do. Don’t go too out of pocket with what the character does. Don’t have a shy girl doing the damn thang in front of a movie crowd and be comfortable with it. Push it but don’t overdue it.

Touch on those 5 senses!

I’m sorry but great sex to me involves all of my senses. I love the hot smell of it, the moistness (and hardness), the hot body in front of me and how our skin tones blend so damn well together, my screams his moans, and how he tastes. I know I’m not the only one who enjoy all of that so touch on them all in your story.

If you’re not turning your own self on while writing your sex scene don’t bother putting it out. Did I miss anything? I know there are some freaks out there!

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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