Freestyle or outline?

When you get a good idea in your head for a book what is your next move? Do you immediately go into the story or do you start taking notes, making an outline?

Can you freestyle a novel?

When I was younger I would immediately go into my story. Freestyle it. All I needed was a blank paper and pen and it was a wrap. I had time like that and space in my head. Now there is way too much to worry about and deal with, kids (one, actually two with smart ass mouths. Wonder where they get it from), bills, you know…life. It happens. My attention span is about the size of a gnat – short as hell. So now I outline my stories. Not detailed like one author I read about he does over 100 pages when he outlines. That is a waste to me. For those who want to outline let me give a few suggestions; you can take what you want and go from there.

Main points

What are the main events in your book? Write them down in chronological order.

List all characters

Put all the characters down on a piece of paper. Put all of their quirks, weaknesses, mannerisms on that list so you don’t get them confused later on in the story.

Five minute outlining

I know, it sounds crazy but hear me out, sit down for five minutes and write down as much as you can about the book. Once the minutes are up see what you got

Now if you choose to freestyle then that’s what’s up too.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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