Use common sense when writing street lit!

I read a lot of street lit that don’t keep my full attention because to be honest they bore me. For whatever reason most street lit writers seem to forget a few basic rules to writing as though they got it like that but really when it’s all said and done they are lessening their credibility as a writer. So let me give those people a few pointers.

Show not tell!

Stop telling me Shaquetta is mad. Show me. For example:

Patricia got mad at Jordan.

Boring! How about showing how mad she was?

Patricia’s left foot stomped down and with all the steam left in her she slapped Jordan across the face.

Which sounds better? Yeah, I know!

If it doesn’t push story along, don’t add it!

I don’t wanna know that Keisha has a new boo thang if it has nothing to do with the story. Only put stuff that is relevant.

Cut the cliches!

In my hood I didn’t always see money in mattresses or big body whips with high yellow heifas taking every man on the block. There was a lot of shootings but not too much of the cliched lifestyle. What I’m trying to say is add some spice to your plot and decrease the cliches. How do you think K’Wan continues with his monster success as a writer?

Slang only on dialogue

I know, I know I use slang here but it’s my blog and I am the narrator. Unless the narrator is a character keep the slang for dialogues.

Hope this helps.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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