Lessons in erotica

Ok I’ve learned a few things along my journey thru writing. It wouldn’t be right if I don’t share small tidbits every now and again, isn’t that why you come back? That and because I’m pretty huh. Yeah I know, I know.
Anywhoo…lets talk erotica. I’ve learned three things I would love to share with you on things I feel writers shouldn’t do.

Put a specific number to a man’s candy bar (or whatever you call it). Everybody’s definition of satisfyingly pleasing a.k.a. large, massive, perfect, is different? Say for instance you put that Tyrell was ten inches; Regina (the reader) is not feeling ten, completely lost interest. It’s not going to make a difference that you lost one reader but erotica is all about imagination and creating a vibe for the reader to use their own creative imagination and relate to the story. You put something that they are turned off on it’s a wrap.

Make characters too damn perfect! I have this good friend and she hates so much when erotica characters are so damn perfect. I mean no flaws, fat or cellulite. Why is that? Thick women, cellulite mapped people need love and rough sex too. Stop making them Barbies and Kens. I don’t look like Barbie anyway. Maybe chocolate Barbie – nah I look better.

Same sex positions every time. Everybody don’t dig doggystyle, backward cowgirl or especially missionary. That position shouldn’t even be in your story. God spice up the story. Hate to know what your real sex life is like!

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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