What’s so great about YA? Everybody and their mama are digging the genre. Ok, ok I admit I kind of dig it too. It was weird walking into the YA section in my library and bookstore skimming the shelves but I got over it once I bumped into a few parents in those isles. If you are too embarrassed I suppose you can buy ebooks at sites such as Amazon or Blink. This year alone almost 3 million YA novels have been sold! 3 million! So don’t feel bad, you’re not alone apparently.

The trends

What are the hottest trends, not with teens but with us adults (sorry teens I got you in a minute)?

Dystopian fiction (The Hunger Games)
Special needs protagonists
Paranormal romance beyond vampires
Mythology-based fantasy
The rise of the diary & journal format
Multimedia series

I enjoy dystopian and multimedia series. My last YA was a series. The author kind of remixed the story Alice and Wonderland. It was a kick ass version too. I devoured it all. It was an opportunity to disappear from my world like Alice did in hers (although hers was not by choice). Is that the reason you enjoy YA?

Now with teens they are feeling something totally different. They are into memoirs. Supposedly they are not like what me and you are thinking of, they are now more plot and character driven making them more enjoyable since they are actually real.

Since YA is becoming so hot and adults are digging it writers should take heed to the massive growth and figure out how to incorporate that for the older crowd, the ones who refuse to give in and read YA because they think it is childish. I say hop on the bandwagon; it’s not as childish as you think.

Do you get into YA or write about it? How do you deal with subject matter that is borderline too adult? I’ve wondered about that. Even though teens unfortunately are experiencing more adult things parents still want to covet them and spout off if ‘hell’ is in a book they are reading. Do they sit around and read YA books all day just to make sure? That is a boring life to have.

And for YA lovers, what’s your fav?

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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