Are Writers Great in Bed

I will admit I am freaky, read my sexy erotica stories and that will prove it. But does that mean I am great in bed because I am a writer? I’d like to think so; don’t go asking past boyfriends just trust me on this one.

That question has nagged me and made me wonder are great writers, in any genre, dope in bed? It makes since really if you think about it. Look at how you handle your manuscript during the process of completing it. We make time for it, we fawn over it while editing it to make sure it is ok, we become excited with the finished product, I would think we authors would apply the same tactics in the bedroom. If not re-evaluate some shit in your life – seriously.

I know this was a goofy post and I would love if you think writers are great in bed. I wanted to break up the seriousness some of my posts have. Plus it’s my 700th post! Whoo-hoo! Thanks for rolling with me!

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


2 thoughts on “Are Writers Great in Bed

  1. jibarican says:

    Its really subjective. I believe one is both lousy as well as great during intercourse. Of course its because the lable isnt bestowed upon by one self but the partner. I recall those times when complementend on my prowess yet, I totally thought it was a terrible performance. The mind, when left to stroll without care or concern makes of one quite the performer. I supose the question is, what do those writers consider great? I bet it would be different than my great

    • You’re right, I should have put that point in there, what do one consider as being great in bed. That could be another post for me to tackle this week. Thankx for that.

      I guess my basic point was we are more aware of what goes on in bed. Hopefully that makes us better in bed, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. But thankx for reading my 700 the post.

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