Sincerely, Frustrated and Angry Ass Writer!!!!

Dear $1 Paying/Article Freelance Company,

This is specifically for those businesses, people, whoever you are behind those laptops and desktops who feel it’s cool to advertise jobs for freelance writers but only offer a dollar an article. WTF is wrong with you?! Do you honestly believe I am supposed to be excited with slaving for a dollar and then have to wait until I at least do $20 worth of work before you send it thru my PayPal account?

I’ve heard of starting somewhere and being humble with whatever you get but guess what? I’ve just showed you I’ve been a freelancer for over two years. I have my own blog, I write for another company’s blog AND is a contributor for Urban Image’s e-mag but you still assume this is the level I or anybody want to be on?

Here is some advice. Take that intern or secretary of yours and have him or her do it. Don’t waste my time!

No peace and definitely no luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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