Writing: From Marketing to Opportunity


HarperCollins publishing is giving their authors an opportunity to give out their books before the release. Why? Well for people like me who would love the opportunity to pre-read novels and review them before they are released to the public. Here’s how it will work. HarperCollins will let authors give digital DRM protected copies of books for promotional purposes. Authors will get the QRCode for download at e.HC.com to pass out to selected authors, bloggers, etc. These downloads will only be read through Adobe Digital Editions (Nook and Kobo, but no Kindle – well damn). My suggestion to you? Get real cozy with some authors at HarperCollins and become the go to blogger as well.

Flash that Fiction

Flash fiction is becoming a big thing for the writing industry. I think publishers should capitalize on that but that is just a suggestion. It is a fictional story with 100 words or less. 100wordstory.org is a great place to test out your flash fiction. Go check it out and challenge yourself. This is a great way to prevent writer’s block. If you are writing a novel and cannot figure out the next scene hop on over to get your creative juices flowing. Paste a few in the comment section if you like to give readers a clue to what they are. And most importantly – have fun!

Calling all cute, funny kids!

During the ABFF there will be a casting call for funny kids ranging from the ages of 9-15 years old. So if your kid is funny as hell bring them to the Ritz Carlton Hotel on June 22nd. Register them at nickelodeonmiamiopencall.com to register them. Good luck. Maybe I will see them on a hit nickelodeon show.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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