3 Reasons Why Publishers Dislike Multigenre Writers

In case you don’t know a multi-genre writer writes many genres. As I wrote stories as a child I wrote what we now call street lit before that was even a category. When I started to write again as an adult I grew up from the street lit and wanted to jump into many other genres as a challenge to myself. I have way too many personalities to stick to one genre. No disrespect to all who write one genre. There is no right way to me, others don’t feel the same.

As I was doing a little Googling I realized many traditional publishers are not feeling a multi-genre writer which is odd to me. One would think they would like a versatile writer. That’s longevity however let’s see their reason for not wanting to invest in us.

Lose readers. Can you really lose readers if you’re a great writer? Enough to notice in your sales? As a reader I love psychological thrillers and horror however I don’t walk into a physical bookstore specifically for those genres, I look around the whole place. If you are a great writer you can bounce from horror to street lit smoothly. It will be your style of writing that will lure readers and forever fans.

Not taken seriously. How can we not be taken seriously? We’re the epitome of a true hustla. We can clearly multitask so you know we’re about our business. They just think we’re too unstable.

Transitions are not good to experience not when a huge advance is involved. When a publisher signs you on and gives you a big fat advance they are expecting you to give them what you signed up for and continue that magic not switch it up. Traditional publishers do not like change. And they also believe that readers do not take well to change either. Did anybody ask us?

I like to focus on the positives. I believe a multi-genre writer can have more fans because we’re able to flip from genres to satisfy more readers.

We suffer from less writer’s block too. If we are stuck on one project we can do another until an idea hit. More options too. So don’t count us out. Maybe I should run a multi-genre publishing company?

Do you believe multi-genre writers can prosper?

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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