Is It necessary to Attend a Writing School

This is obviously for my writers including myself who have not gone to school to become a writer. Honestly I didn’t believe I had to; writing is a natural gift I don’t need the extras. I will admit that I would look at other writers/journalists and see their credentials and education and wonder is that the reason why I’m not more successful at writing because I didn’t go to a writing school? Then I start to look into schools but I don’t initiate anything beyond looking.

Can a writer be created or taught?

In my opinion what makes a great writer is: consistency, passion and imagination. Can you teach that in school? No. I believe a writer cannot be taught, journalists yes, writer – no. I believe writing is an innate craft you either got it or you don’t. I believe you can learn the logistics of writing (grammar, editing, etc) but imagination, passion you can’t teach that. Not saying you shouldn’t attend school; if and only if your passion is to be a writer go to sharpen what’s already there if you feel that’s the route you need to take.

What are some writing schools you can check out if you do want to sharpen your skills? Here’s a few:
S. New Hampshire Univ.: MA & BA in Communication
Univ. of Phoenix: BA in English, AA in communications
Walden Univ.: BS in communication
Grand Canyon Univ.: BA in Communications and English literature
Full Sail Univ.: MFA in Creative Writing, BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment
Ashford Univ.: BA in English & Social Science-English/Lang. Arts

Peace and luv!

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2 thoughts on “Is It necessary to Attend a Writing School

  1. washleynola says:

    Writing school isn’t totally necessary to make it in the writing field, but education never hurts!

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