Ways Talking About Books are Beneficial

Elementary students at Strobridge elementary in Hayward, California has been introduced to a new incentive. If they turn in their toy guns they will get a book. Such a great idea since it is summer and the kiddies will be bringing their water guns out quicker than any book! Yeah I know, let them play right? But think about the effects of what your kid usually spend their most time with doing? I know when it gets hot in my hood real guns come out to play, young kids can’t distinguish the two. Get my point now?

Talk to your kids about books just as much as you talk about the subject matter. Why? Because it teaches them that books are beneficial to their success. Focusing just on the fun subjects will only make them hate classroom reading more and it shows them to only read what interests them. They will go to school and read what they want and not what they need.

Tell them reading is power. Once you possess that the world literally is at their disposal. Kids love power.

Is your kids talking about books to you? To each other? If not what are you doing to help them try to?

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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