Magazines that Wants Your Work

Getting into literary magazines has this stigma that it is very hard and daunting work that needs to be accomplished in order to get into their publications. True you must know what their publication is about and you need to know exactly what they want but it is not as much of a headache as you may think. Here are two that might interest you and at the same time pay for your work too.

Spark is a high quality publication featuring established professionals and fledgling writers. They pay all of their contributors. One cent per word and for reprints it is two cents per word and they retain the rights for a year before letting you have it all. They publish poems and traditional narrative any genre based short stories and will accept simultaneous submissions. They DON’T however publish erotica and profanity filled stories. Must be between 400-12,000 words. Give them about 2 months to respond.

Punchnel is a general interest web magazine written for a smart audience. All articles from music to news, poetry, fiction and memoir. They do accept simultaneous submissions between 400-1200 words. Pay is $10 per article.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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