Why reading the same genre will improve your manuscript

If you’re a writer you are a reader, at least I hope so. How can you be a writer and not be a reader? Even Steven King said that’s impossible. Currently I’m working on two novels at the same time, yeah I said it – 2 novels simultaneously. I’m in grind mode, seriously. Hope you are too. But in the midst of it all I still read. Both novels are thrillers actually the novel I’m editing is a psychological thriller too. So I’m reading thrillers to get a feel for what the elements are; currently The Reaper by Steven Dunne has my attention. Why is it important to read similar genres while writing?
Keeps you motivated. Sometimes I get frustrated and want to stop writing in an unfamiliar genre. But if I’m reading the genre that I’m writing in it gets me excited all over again and words just flow to no end. Use that to fuel you!
Get great ideas! I get ideas even when I’m talking to someone. It doesn’t have to be relevant to what’s been said; my brain just goes. How do you get ideas? Reading can be that portal to your next hot scene or next hot novel. So read, read, and read. If you can read as much as you write do it. Imagine reading in the same genre and getting a great scene stealer for your own novel.
Know the logistics! Don’t copy, that is not what I am saying. There are way too many fan fictioners out there. But instead similar to #1 be inspired and learn from the logistic side of the story: plots, characters, etc. usually thrillers use the same format, and horror and chic lit and so forth and so on. Try to pick it up and blend it in with your style.

Always be willing to learn. Look back at your old writing and compare it to your present work. Is there growth? If not pick up a book and start digesting.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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