Platform – No Book = Success?


Developing Understanding when Reading

Developing Understanding when Reading (Photo credit: Ken Whytock)

Can you really build an author’s platform without an actual book released? There is a such thing as pre-marketing but how far ahead should you start? I can’t guarantee success and neither can all of these other websites who charge an arm and a leg to give you advice that you could have gotten from my blog for free. Only taxes and death are guaranteed.

I had this problem and I’m sure others have to. I would get so caught up in promoting and marketing a product that did not even exist yet. I was selling pipe dreams on an idea and sometimes that is cool but it is really important that you give people what they want in a timely manner. Don’t promote something that will come out two years from now. Unless you are Stephen King or Tananarive Due. So here is what you can do to boost your platform before producing a book and still kind of come out on top.

  1. Start to market the novel after your first edit. I read from an author who said as soon as you think of a novel idea start promoting. Nah. I switch projects like I switch panties, that is not going to happen. What will happen is readers will get bored and disinterested. If you’re Stephen King ok but some rookie I don’t advise it! At least have it written then design a plan on marketing it and go from there.
  2. Hustle your ass off! Have an extensive plan as I said before on how you are going to build your platform. You can’t build one by freestylin it trust me I have tried and I fell hard on my face. But when you make one your word is not bond so don’t think you have to stick to it to a t. Grow with it and enhance it to build a brand. Be consistent and realistic.
  3. Promises, promises! Don’t make promises you can’t and won’t keep just to get more readers for the moment or to increase readers to your site. Eventually it will bite you in the ass for doing that. If you must make a promise do one that you can fulfill within a day or two. That shows the readers that you appreciate them which then they will tell all of their Twitter, FB, real life, etc friends meaning more sales. This builds legit platforms.
  4. Quality/Quantity. Sure you can shoot out a short story every few days and sell them for 99 cents on Amazon or Smashwords but at the end of the day garbage is garbage! Put out quality before you try to worry quantity; that will come later.
  5. Update. Do daily/weekly updates on where you are with your novel. Keep them enticed and drooling for more!

As I said before it is great to start promoting before the novel comes out just have a plan that will build your brand in a consistent manner never too quickly. Did I miss anything? Do you still doubt that you can build a platform without a book out? Well weigh in.

Peace and luv!



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