A Date, A One Night Stand or A Tease Idea Writer

What do you do when an idea pop up for a novel? You’ve heard the suggestions to have a notebook by your bed or with you at all times so you can write down what you think of right? Do you? Are you one of these types of idea writers?

A dater. A dater is a writer who writes down the ideas as they come to them in their notebook, computer or their smartphone and puts them away. They marinate on the idea later then put it away then come back to it again. They allow themselves to get to know the story idea, find out its weakness and potentials, you feel me?

What about a one night stand? A one night stand idea writer gets so excited and passionate about an idea as soon as the idea strikes. It’s almost euphoric how you feel. You even go the extra mile and write it down then the next day comes, you read it again and ask yourself what in the hell was you thinking or on when you wrote that idea down. That’s the one night stand idea writer. I’ve done this several times (don’t judge).

A tease. Yall know who yall are you big tease you! A tease will have an idea, write it down but here’s the difference between the others, the writer will write ideas and/or an outline as if they are really going to put it out. But then, agh you decide to keep it moving leaving that outline to its wondering whys and what I dids.

So what are you? I won’t tell.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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