Who should I target for my blog?

I’m about to confess something big. You ready? I’m a black blogger. Ok maybe that is not so big or interesting for that matter but I said that because I was thinking about how I can better my blogging skills and my blog and the idea of who I target came into serious play. I thought maybe if I juggle my concerns around with you, you can give me some suggestions or feedback for that matter. Maybe some of you have the same issue whether black, white, Asian or whatever. Here is my worry.

Am I obligated to gear my posts just toward black authors? My goal as a blogger is to give my readers the info they need to make their writing journey hella easier than what I went through. So why should I just focus on black authors? I will say that I get more love from non-black writers/bloggers than I do my own race which made me ask:

Should I feel guilty for not targeting my posts to just black authors?

If we all have the same problems, goals and concerns, what is the big deal? We can all lead a discussion about how to get it. I should not feel guilty. I don’t say hey this post is only for whites or this is only for blacks so if you are any other race keep it moving! That’s not my style, you don’t ever have to worry about me doing that; this isn’t a Paula Deen blog trust me. Why should I feel obligated just to focus on my people? Everybody is entitled to my info not just one group. I will however say I love to support my people because I am proud when we do something positive because we are viewed a lot as being illiterate. There is nothing wrong with supporting on those situations.

Is my success with this blog failing because I don’t target blacks?

I don’t think so, I do know I need to spark more information on the writing world and I’m in the process of changing that so I do know that me not targeting just blacks is not effecting why my blog is not more successful than it already is. Although I am very grateful for the success I am getting now. I love it. Makes me happier to write for you.

So there are my concerns. I want opinions and honest suggestions on what I should do although I already know what I need to do because of what is in my heart but for whatever reason this is bothering me something serious. So comment below, thankx.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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