Are Writers Terrible Facebook Friends?

I’ve had such wonderful experiences with writers especially on Facebook. Some writers haven’t had such a great experience. Some have even said writers are terrible Facebook friends. Wow! So I thought I would put a list together about etiquette on Facebook.

1. Always introduce yourself. You would never walk into an interview and not tell the person your name or expect the job wothout the interview would you? Say hi and inyroduce yourself once you get the acceptance.

2. Stop begging for us to like ALL of your ish! Some people thrive on how many likes they have on every post. Writers are the worst. It’s ok if you don’t receive 1,000 likes. It’s not cute and quite annoying when you beg and then get pissed if not enough friends feeling your stuff.

3. Have compassion for a writer’s space. I’m referring to the space on their timeline. For instance, I don’t have a seperate page yet for my fans, writings, etc. So a lot of times I am bombarded with other writer’s stuff. No disrespect, I know that stuff is important to you but seeing what my fam and friends say too. Please be considerate.

4. It’s called networking not manipulation! There really isn’t a thin between networking and being rude as hell! The gist of it is to build a relationship so possibly create a long time business-ship. Don’t use Facebook to show your ugliness by threatening a writer to work with you on their timeline.

5. Be humble! Putting down writers isn’t cool either no matter if it’s your Facebook page. Also if you are not feeling what a writers says keep going on to other posts. And if one helps you don’t automatically think you’re too good or better than any other writer.

Writers are awesome. There is always is going to be those crazy ones that have no sense, please don’t be that one.

What are your writer friendship Facebook pet peeves? How do you navigate through the negative b.s. of narcissistic, overbearing and rude authors?

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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