Editing Your Manuscript


I read this great article and I wanted to run down the basis of it for anyone that is editing their manuscript. Editing a manuscript may not be the best part of doing a novel considering that you have to read your stuff over and over again, make corrections then make corrections again then send it off only to make more corrections. By the time you are done your hair is pulled out or gray so what if you could have a list in front of your computer that may help move things along? This is what this list is for.

Author Patricia Gussin was at ThrillerFest and she made a list of things to look for when editing your manuscript and here it goes.

#1 The Content

Do a word reality check, make sure it falls into its right range.

Get rid of deadweight.

Check timeline.

Study P.O.V. changes

Double check for technical accuracy

Check choreography. Someone who was shot a moment ago shouldn’t be behaving as if they weren’t in the next scene.

#2 The Enhancement

Utilize the power of the senses

#3 Sentence Level

Nix/fix the awkward sentence.

Avoid long paragraphs.

Fix P.O.V. slips

Check adequate transitions between paragraphs/sentences

Avoid similarly spelled names.

Avoid too many adjectives

Check metaphors/similes for originality

#4 Little Things

Maintain list of your formatting certain items so that you can keep it consistent

Comma usage is consistent

Check unintentionally overused words.

Check attribution tags

Maintain proper nouns list

Fact check.

Paginate manuscript.

#5 The Audible Read

Read it aloud.

Watch for repetition.

Watch for balance and clarity of P.O.V. characters.

Hope this helps and gets you in the mood for editing that manuscript and giving us some hot ish to read!

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