Joan Rivers in Hot Water


People need to understand that writers are just as important as any host on a television show. If it was not for the writers you would not have a show. Joan Rivers is learning that right about now.

Since April 17th Guild members have been on strike against Joan’s show on E! Fashion Police. It is not certain how long they have been treated unfairly but it is said that the members have only been paid half of the compensation that they were supposed to be paid and not given health or pension benefits. Now Joan you know you wrong for that. All that money you sitting on and you could not pay your people? Did you at least pay the hosts of the show? And what about your daughter? You probably paid them on time and the right amount huh?

On top of that Joan tried to be slick and become the writer for the show herself which honestly I thought she was however this is against strike violations. Now she has some ‘plaining to do in front of a judge. Good luck with that one, see if you can joke your way out of this one.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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