Creating Sexual Tension

Everybody seems to be all about sex these days. Novels with sex are flying off of shelves or being downloaded onto eReaders. Writers who have never written a thing on sex or sexual tension are suddenly trying their hands at it. Don’t get it twisted it’s great to try new things. Hello I am a multi-genre writer however I do strongly believe in learning how to write about things you’re unfamiliar about.

So how does one write sexual tension in their storylines?

Sexual tension is the attraction between two people that is intense. It’s not the actual sex scene it’s the acts before the actual sex scene. Like the pre-four play – get it? Here is what to think about and how to get sexual tension weaved into that story of yours.

Physical Attraction. Lets start with something simple. In order to have sexual tension there has to be a physical attraction between the two characters. When describing the attractive person make sure it is in the words or views of the character and don’t always go for the obvious that attracts them to the other.

Make Obvious to Readers. You might want to make sure your readers are clear on the sexual tension going on between the characters even if no one else in the story knows. Readers love surprises but it seriously defeats the purpose of a sexually charged plot if no one knows who is attracted to who. Have scenes where the reader is inside character’s head describing the intense wanting of the other person.

Conflict. Everything cannot go according to plan even if you are the author and have that control that would be a boring ass story. So when all is well pull the characters apart again. Make it difficult for them to kick it, be together, or get it in, however you want to call it. Once a conflict arises get them back together. Tease them and leave them!

Dialogue. This is useful when it advances the story so use it wisely. Sexual tension is not always about action. They do have to speak at some point when they do maybe have them:

-stumble over their words

-flirt with the other just to see how the other will react

-have a heated argument showing underlying jealousy

What has been your go to guarantee sexual tension builder? How has that given you success? Let me know. And to those who struggle have fun, get freaky and do what it do! Sexual tension is supposed to be wet, confusing, hard and long.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


2 thoughts on “Creating Sexual Tension

  1. FEY Kegs says:

    love this post very well thought and written, most books that you read nowadays are about sex and have made it to the bestseller mark, people want to get down and dirty. But thanks for giving your audience tips when it comes to writing about this.

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