Literary Monday Mash Up

Alter Ego

Have you ever written a novel or short story under another alias? Not plagiarizing or anything. Many writers use a different name whenever they are writing in a different genre. J.K. Rowling decided to do the same thing. We as readers are just now finding about it because well she wrote it under a Robert Galbraith. Never heard of a female writer writing under the alias of a man but whatever floated her boat at the time. The Cuckoo’s Calling was published in April and the sales were not as great as a novel with her actual name on it and so she finally admitted to what she did and sales went off the charts. That shows you right there that there is power in a famous writer’s name. Is it really about marketing and all the other stuff?

Great Marketing Idea

Speaking of marketing this is a great idea. Leo Burnett Ad Agency came up with a great idea for books to be shared and read all over the world. Books on the Underground is what the campaign is called and this is the concept. They have made a sticker that you can order, place on your books and place them in libraries, bookstores, subways, etc. They don’t have to pay for the book all they have to promise to do is leave it somewhere else for someone else to find it once they are done with reading it themselves. You can request these stickers at and once you receive a book with a sticker on it tweet it out so they know where you found their books at – @booksundergrnd. 

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