A Different Surprise in the Kid’s Happy Meals


“Daddy where is the toy?” Giselle asked her daddy.

“That is the surprise,” her daddy responded enthusiastically.

“A book?”

“Yeah. That could be our bedtime story for tonight.”

“Cool.” Giselle puts the book next to her as she eats her Happy Meal.

That could have went a whole other direction such as the kid could have thrown a serious ass hissy fit because she did not get a toy. Why would there be a book in a happy meal anyway? November Mcdonalds will be replacing their ususual toys for books in a two week trial. The books will be about active play and nutrition. This comes after fast food chains getting flack for allowing athletes to promote eating at their restaurants.
My opinion?

I’m always down for kids and reading. Our literacy issue here is embarrassing. Think about this, kids in the inner city are more exposed to fast food joints because it is cheap also inner city kids are more likely to have lower test and reading scores in school. Get what I’m saying? Any opportunity to get a book into their hands is fine with me. Of course there will be some kids that will fuss their spoiled asses off because they want a toy not a book but they will be alright. I will say this though I don’t believe they are doing this because they care but more because of the bad complaints they are getting from parents. Your thoughts?

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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