Has Fan Fiction Gone Too Far?

I’m not a fan of fan fiction. The fact that anyone can make a little money off of the work an actual author has done drives me nuts. I mean all literary works are influenced by something in real life but fan fiction is going too far.

Now have this fan fiction idea gone too far? In my opinion hell yeah.


An unknown writer going by the name J. Lola has written a story called 50 Shades of Sin. This is the first to a series. A series about the destructive relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna. The crazy thing is this fool didn’t change their names. Instead of Chris’ bad side being looked down upon the author hypes it up as being ‘desirable, even sexy’! At one point in the story Chris threatens a random person saying he would break his hand for attempting to come in between him and his boo thang Robyn. When he tries to warn her to leave him he says, “I’m fucked up. Really fucked up.” J. Lola has Robyn respond with, “I’m fucked up too. Lets be fucked up together!”

I have read a lot of b.s. in my 34 years and this is right up there with the worst. What popped up in this person’s head that made them think it was peachy to profit off of someone’s abusive relationship?! And aren’t they afraid of being sued? They wasn’t even trying to hide their true identity in the book. This is down right ridiculous. I may not care too much for Chris’ antics a.k.a. nine levels of foolishness but I don’t agree with profiting off it either! Thoughts? Sound off.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


One thought on “Has Fan Fiction Gone Too Far?

  1. That’s pretty messed up :/. And as a writer of fan fiction myself (I only write about fictional characters, and NEVER about real people!) not everyone makes money off of fan fiction. In fact, I would argue that a majority of fan fictions are written by people who are doing it purely as a hobby. I wish I was getting paid!

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