What I’m About…

Since the age of five I’ve had the passion to tell stories. Hell I started out writing urban lit before urban lit became what it is currently. I’m proud as a young black female to see we have a spot in major book stores such as Borders and Amazon. Now I feel it is my turn to step up and let people outside of my circle see and feel me through my writing.

I do not like to consider myself just a writer of urban lit. I joke around with friends telling them I have several different personalities in my head. Attaching myself to one genre of fiction is not me; it is whatever personality decides to show itself and then I run with the idea. Maybe one day I’ll settle down with one genre but until then I will dip my hands in whatever story needs to be told.


A genuine diamond is hard to come by. But once you grasp that on diamond in the rough you see why people have fought to capture it. A diamond represents strength and eternity. This is what I want my fans to think about when they hear the name Diamond Publicationz.

My goal for Diamond Publicationz is to become a full on publishing company. I want to not only publish my own books but to publish other talented and raw writers under Diamond Publicationz, take that person to the next level of their writing career. I want to make this into a brand.

Right now all I can give you is me. Slide on over to my book review section. I don’t do bougie reviews, I call it how I see it. Or enjoy a few of my short stories. I got something for everyone – hood rich lit, dramatic dramas and for you freaks, erotica. Lastly post your opinions on my blog page. Any and everything about writing, how I feel about it, how to get started, all of that will be in this section because it’s hard out here for a pimp. So if I can help someone’s writing journey go quicker or smoother than what I had to go through then I’m doing my job.

Don’t be shy either! And especially do not be fake, it really does not look good on anybody no matter how you package it. I do nothing but realness here. So accept it or plan on getting chucked the deuces! Lets get it in!

Peace and Luv!