Book Reviews

Imagine seeing everyone’s including your own aura. To have the ability to lift to different planes while everyone around you s oblivious. Ralph Roberts in Stephen King’s Insomnia had to deal with that very thing.

Stephen King is a legend in the writing world. I’m used to him creating scary books/films but this one was just as enticing and filling to my reader slide. I am used to his extra long novels though. Seven hundred and eighty-seven pages full of eye opening genius. I fell in love with how he weaved fantasy into reality. I was immediately taken into their world and to me that is what a novel is supposed to do make me forget I have a life. The characters even the second, third and so forth characters are vibrant and unforgettable. Each with their own distinctive personalities.

The setting reigned realistic it had a Mayberry feel the best places for stories of fantasy and good and evil. It’s like smaller towns have more gullible people than larger cities. I believe that to be true.

I will give this novel five books and a strong recommendation. Although Insomnia is one of King’s older novel it is still an excellent book to read.


Peace and luv!


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