Poets and Poetesses in the 2015 Poets Market


I admire poets because I can’t write poetry to save my life and a lot of it is beautiful works of art. If you can write poetry I suggest you get your pitches together because you can end up in the 2015 Poet’s Market. The deadline is approaching – that is September 27th. The categories to pitch on are craft of poetry, business of poetry and promotion of poetry. Submit work in an email to Robert.brewer@fwmedia.com. Good luck.

Peace and luv!

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Monday Mashup

2 agents seeking clients

1. Jessica Negron Talcott Notch Literary. Seeking: YA, adult fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and thrillers

2. Steven Hutson WordWise Media. Seeking: wide range of fiction and nonfiction. NO: erotica, poetry, chainsaw murders, picture books or screenplays

Upcoming Conferences

Midwest Writers Workshops
July 25-27 Muncie, IN

Cape Cod Writers Conference
Aug. 4-9th Cape Cod, MA

Killer Nashville (mystery/crime)
Aug. 22-25 Nashville, TN

American Christian Fiction Writers Conference
Sept. 13-15 Indianapolis, IN

Northern Ohio SCBWI Conference
Sept. 20-21 Cleveland OH

Emerald City Writers Conference
Oct 18-20 Bellevue, WA

WD Conference West
Sept 27-29
L. A., California

Registration open now!

All access: earlybird $549 (until 7-19)
                   regular $599
                   onsite $699

Individual: earlybird $449
                   regular $499
                   onsite $599

Sat. Only:   regular $349
                   onsite $449

Self publishing conference only:
                   earlybird $249
                   regular $299
                   onsite $349


Boot Camp: Writing a Novel                                 They Can’t Put Down

Boot Camp: Pathways to Publication

Main Program

First 10 pgs

Pitch Perfect


From Blog – Agent – Book Deal

Amazon for Authors

Pitch Slam

The Era of Options

Pitch Slam

Dazzling Dialogue

The Writer’s Business Plan


How to Blog a Book

Create Writer Platform

Great Expectations

Closing Keynote

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What they want….YA and fantasy

Recently some editors, publishers and agents got on Twitter to tell writers what their wish list was when it comes to submissions. I’m not going to copy and paste all of what they are looking for but I can sum it all up for you. The top two that they are looking for currently are YA and some form of fantasy. One even said that she does NOT, NOT, NOT, want anything on divorce, cancer, jerk husbands or getting your groove back fiction. Well damn, ladies isn’t that our real lives? Guess she doesn’t want to read about it too. But what does this say for us writers?

Don’t feel pressured to immediately start writing YA or fantasy fiction. I know, it is hard for me to hop on the YA or fantasy train too. After I read the list I had to push myself to realize that those are not areas that I am familiar with nor do I want to be familiar with right now, maybe down the line. So why not go with the flow? Well think about this – agents, etc are looking to make money so they lean toward what is hot on the bestsellers lists. Remember last year this time it was erotica because of that damn novel stealer author who wrote (if that is what you wanna call it) Fifty Shades of Grey? Now everybody wants to do YA or fantasy. What is it going to be next year? Now if you are a multi-genre writer such as myself then you can adapt to switching genres but you could get in trouble with that later. What if you get into it and realize that you are not feeling the genre but keep going because that’s what is hot? Fans will feel that no matter how you have convinced yourself otherwise. This is all a fad.

Keep doing the genre that you are doing. Somebody wants to read it if you thought of it you is not the only one crazy and different. Who knows it may be the next big thing next year and you will be getting movie deals and 3, 4, or 5, book deals. But don’t start biting your nails and pulling your hair out because a few agents, publishers or agents wants a certain genre right now. Their minds change as quickly as the wind blowing their way.

Peace and luv!

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Self publisher vs. Self Publishing

For a long time I thought a self publisher was the same as someone who self publishes. Look at a lot of websites and blogs, they interchange the words confusing everybody and their mama. So I’m going to give you three differences to being a self publisher and self publishing.

No middle man involved with a self publisher. You run it as though you are a big time traditional publisher. You book the events, call distribution, etc. with self publishing there’s a middle man, if you go to places such as Smashwords, Lulu or Apple for example, that is your middle man.
Your product. Yes self publishing allows you much control however if you go thru a third party you have to pick a package to get good people on your project. They may have separate purchases for editors, etc. but they spike those prices up so you will want to get a package, a self publisher can go to a designer or whoever without the personal agendas.
Money. eBook sells with some service sites such as Lulu takes a part of your sale. Smashwords will let you have 100% but you have to pick which one will suit you and your pockets. With being a self publisher you get the profits from the ebook and the physical sales.

Understand the difference now? Let me just say I am not trying to say one is better than the other I want to make sure you understand every aspect of this game. Let me know if you’re still confused or if I missed something. Don’t be afraid to contribute. I’m learning too.

Peace and luv!

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Publishers who wants new clients

I have four publishers that are wanting clients. Write them down, get in contact with them and hopefully get a book deal. Let me give you some advice first. They are simple common sense reminders but there is always that one who tries to wiggle their way in because they think they are THAT good and rules don’t apply to their asses.

Always make sure that you read all of the guidelines before sending anything! No, all publishers are not the same!

Know the spelling of the editors. Mispelled names or names no longer there is a guarantee toss to slush pile!

Check the genre they represent. I’ve seen so many publishers want the weirdest, technical types of novels. Don’t look like an ass by sending a horror novel to a chic lit publisher.

Please be finished with the manuscript before even querying. Don’t always assume it will be a minute before they contact you. Sometimes they call back after a week. What will you do then?

Alright lets get down to what you really want. These are the publishers.

Avon Romance. Takes straight from author manuscript use online submission form.

Free Spirit Publishing. Provides children/teens tools they need to succeed in life. Authors should submit proposal.

Seal Press. Publishes books by women for women. Send query letter or proposal.

Shambhala Publications. Wants nonfiction topics especially Buddhism, yoga, mindfulness, creativity, martial arts, natural health and green living. Submit book propsal by post.

Peace and luv!

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The Willamette Writers Conference

Registration for the Willamette Writers Conference is officially open.

August 2nd thru the 4th at the Portland Airport Sheraton hotel. I know you’re probably saying why is she telling me this? We’ve never heard of this before.

Well because a) it’s my job to let you know of these events and b) there will be some Hollywood connects there. Over 100 workshops will be available, all focusing on fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, manuscript editing, publishing, pitching, entering writing contests, research, business and some specifically for writers wanting to explore self publishing.

Visit http://willamettewriters.com to register!

Peace and luv!

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Literary Monday Mashup

How are you? I hope all my mamas had a great Mother’s day and got some time to write. Speaking of writing lets get it in with the Monday Mashup!

Literary agents looking for clients

Rachel Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary. Is seeking fiction (YA, women’s, romance, paranormal and mysteries) and nonfiction.

Danielle Smith of Foreward Literary. Is seeking picture books, early readers and chapter books with characters that embody the true essence of what it means to be a child.

J. L. Stermer of N. S. Bienstock. Is seeking 2 categories – YA and women’s fiction. (No paranormal romance, sci-fi or fantasy). Luvs dark, edgy stories.

Jamie Booner Drowley of Inklings Literary. Is seeking fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal, historical, contemporary, horror, light sci-fi, thrillers.

Kimiko Nakamura of Dee Mura Literary. Is seeking contemporary fiction, women’s lit, YA, fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery, satire, memoir, spirituality and health.

Innovations in reading

This year’s Innovations In Reading prize went to Uni Project. This is pretty unique way to get books to the ones who can’t access them for whatever reason. It is a portable reading room in NYC created by Leslie and Sam Davol. What they do is have cubes for shelves to contain the books. There are benches which are used for seating and they recruit volunteers to be the hosts. This gives kids the ability to learn and read because well reading is fun*damental.

For getting first place Uni Project received $2,500, a certificate and a free trip to the NYC to share their invention. The other four winners were:

City National Bank: Reading Is the Way Up

The Little Free Library

Uprise Books Project for underprivileged teens


Play and donate at the same time

I just get that warm fuzzy feeling when I help someone. How about you?

Well Out of Print has figured out a way for you to take it back to the ol skool in a video game version of The Great Gastby. They want people to get geeked about reading again and get people like the previous story to get books to everyone.

So here’s the deal, every time you play The Great Gatsby and score 25,000+ Out of Print will donate one book to people that need them.

Visit their site too. I checked it out and it was awesome! They take book titles that are no longer in print and put them on tshirts. Any product bought on the site also gets Out of Print to donate a book to organizations such as Books for Africa. Already almost 300 books have been donated. So support the cause and have fun playing video games.

Visit http://outofprintclothing.com/greatgatsbygame to play and buy products.

There’s your mash up Monday, enjoy the rest of your day! Get some writing done!

Peace and luv!

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