First annual book bloggers award

JKSCommunications is hosting their first Book Bloggers Awards. They will honor book bloggers. How come I always hear about this stuff after the fact?!

Anywho…there are four categories:

1. Biggest variety (a category I would have fitted in),
2. Most creative features
3. Best indie reviewer
4. Most eye catching blog layout.

The deadline for voting is May 14th an overall winner of 2013 will be crowned Miss/Mr Book Bloggie of the Year. Now if you’re like me and want to be considered for next year’s awards email Make sure you like their Facebook page too.

Peace and luv!

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Rebirth: Urban Image Magazine

In less than 24 hours Urban Image Magazine will be available once again for all of you to view. I’m geeked and trippin a bit because I’m actually a part of the brand. The first time they put this out I was too scared to write articles. I doubted my skills so I decided to stay as an active blogger. I beat myself up after that stupid decision. Now we are back and so much better! Why don’t you ride with us!

Tomorrow is the relaunch of Urban Image Magazine! Twelve noon the ish pops off. Join us, guarantee you won’t regret it. You should be out of church by then. The cover is bananas! You want to know what is going on in our community, the good, the bad, and the ugly? It is all on this joint. Watch as our brand flourish and get hooked to some talented writers! Yeah I’m tooting our horns but if I don’t then that shows I don’t believe in this. Like our fan page on Facebook and bookmark our website on all of your devices. Join in on the conversation or do business with us by posting your ads. Hustlas and hustl-hers at their prime!

Peace and luv!

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Share Your Book

It is still hard to believe that Avon has extended their brand to books. Can you? Would you buy a book from Avon?

The lovey, dovey type of writers might wanna get a pen and paper out. Avon Romance has launched a website called Share Your Book. Writers can get feedback from romance readers and editors. The more favorites you receive the quicker you’ll grab an editor’s attention. Authors who already have published through Avon can use this as a platform to promote their work. If you want to submit a manuscript to be published you need to go through Avon Impulse to do that. You can to that here.

Peace and luv!

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Think like a man, write like a co-author

I don’t know too many ladies who did not read Steve Harvey’s bestseller Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady. There was such a waiting list to check it out at the library I had to go and buy the damn thang. Did you know though that he co-authored with a woman by the name Denene Millner?

This talented sistah did an interview for MediaBistro and she had an interesting piece of advice for writers thinking about co-authoring. Let me give you her resume first.

Ms. Millner is an author, journalist, ghostwriter, columnist and did I mention she created one of the best mommy blogs out there

Now, the advice she said she would give a writer is to establish trust. If you don’t trust the person you are collaborating with the project will not be successful.

I’m going to trust her on this one. I am terrified of co-authoring or ghostwriting for celebrities. Knowing my luck I write a memoir or bio, bring it back to celeb and they sue me because I fabricated something. You know we are such a suing country.

Besides trust what else is needed? How about chemistry? I skipped school the day God gave patience and people skills out. I will be professional all day, everyday but if you have a funky attitude I will chuck the deuces up.

However if you do co-author or ghostwrite make sure you cross your t’s and dot the i’s. Communication is key through the whole process. If you feel something isn’t meshing, cut out in a friendly way hopefully there isn’t a contract breach if this happens.

What are your guidelines to co-authoring? Who was your favorite writer to work with? And how do one initiate that kind of a business relationship?

Peace and luv!

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Indie Authors and Book Reviews

Once again Bookbaby has come thru with another great list for indie writers; this one is places to go for legit book reviews.

1. Goodreads
2. Digital Book Today
3. Self Publishing Review
5. Indie B.R.A.G.

You always need to be careful with writing communities, blogs and such that offer book reviews.

Should there be more on the list? What have your experiences been like for book reviews? Did you find them helpful and why?

Thank You!


thanks! (Photo credit: modernowl)

I just wanted to say thank you to all who have decided to follow my blog over the last several weeks and months. I really do appreciate it. It is real easy to get lost in the world of blogs on this thing called the internet. I hope that I have and will continue to entertain and inform you just a lil bit. I love writing and being a smartass if you haven’t noticed yet. Don’t hesitate to comment (even if it is against me lol) ask me questions to network or let me know about your projects; despite being the only child I do know how to share the limelight. Have a beautiful Tuesday and we will talk later!

Peace and luv!