Street Lit is Heating Up My Charts Again


To my new readers I started out writing street lit before it hit the stores and before I knew what it really was. It was what I saw in my own neighborhood. Then life happened and I stopped writing altogether. Once I started my passion again I began to read it again I had a huge wake up call. Street lit had become garbage. Bad repetition, cliches, terrible editing and so on laced these so called street lit books and I denounced street lit out of my life and challenged myself to write other genres which I enjoy by the way. I didn’t even want to touch a book. As a writer I didn’t understand how in the hell these books were coming out, it was making us real writers look bad as hell. Something changed. I started reading street lit again because I saw so many people talk about it and I was back hooked again. I have been even motivated enough to wanna write a street lit novel again. I’ve been having a concept in my head for the last two weeks and I am thinking about writing it during next month’s NaNoWriMo event. I have to first finish Dear Daddy. I will let you know the details later but a bish is geeked up about this. Have you read any street lit lately? Holla at me if you have so I can check it out. Peace and luv!

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First Chapter to 7 Years.

Chapter 1

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Dante shot straight up in the bed. That did not sound like fireworks. To his left was an empty bed with his soon to be ex-wife’s body imprint deep within the sheets. Nothing new he has awoken many times and she was not there but something scratched at the back of his head.


His legs went into overdrive. The sound came from the direction of Amauri’s room but he prayed the walls were tricking him and it was from downstairs or the opposite side. His bare feet took three stairs at a time despite the protests from his ruined ex-basketball knees. Dante’s eyes locked with Anita’s; they were deadened. For a second he had a moment of relief but as his eyes wondered down that sinking feeling came back harder than before.

“Nita? Nita, why you got a gun?” Such a stupid question he realized after asking. This had to be a nightmare and he was still in bed. Anita started to walk passed Dante but stopped and did a robotic turn toward him. She slightly tilted her head and stared with cold eyes, no smile, no expression really, just complete coldness. He did not stay to hear her explanation if there was one; he felt a dynamic pull toward Amauri’s room and the need to get to him.

How could a second completely turn a life upside down, way down into hell? A shift so strong knocked his legs from underneath him. Dante had to crawl the rest of the way. Lying peacefully was five years old Amauri only thing was his Chicago Bears pajamas was soaked with blood. Amauri got soaked through his t-shirt as he scooped his boy into his arms.

“Amauri, Amauri wake up baby.” He went into the hallway where Anita still stood where he left her.

“Amauri come on man, daddy needs you to wake up!” The gurgles out of his throat were the worse sound Amauri ever heard. “What the hell did you do Anita?!” Another stupid question. “Why?! Wh-“

“To hurt you,” Anita answered with a hint of sweetness to her voice.
Dante flew down the two floors of stairs. In the foyer he struggled to hold his son and dial 9-1-1 with shaken hands. He refused to let his son go.

“My-my-my wife s-shot my son!” he screamed into the phone.

“Your wife did what?”

“She shot my so…” his words could not complete themselves.

“She shot your son? Is she still there?” Donte nodded his head.


“Yes! Yes she still is here!”

“Does she have the gun?”

“I don’t know dammit she shot my son!! Bring somebody to help him!”

“Ok sir I am sending someone but I also need you to be in a safe zone so you don’t get injured as well.”

“I don’t give a damn!”

“I do sir, I need you-“

“My son.” Donte stared down at his boy. They say the person who is about to die sees their whole life flash ahead of them. His son would not have gotten that opportunity because he was asleep. He experienced it for him; everything about his short life flashed before his father’s eyes at high speeds and would not stop; as if it was on replay. Amauri long ago had stopped breathing. His little boy was limp and heavy in his arms.

“Sir? Sir is you with me?”

“Dante,” his wife said above a whisper. At first he did not hear her or know she was standing there.


“Yes,” Dante whimpered.

“Dante,” Anita said louder that time. That got his attention.

“Is that your wife sir? Sir you need to get out of there!”

“Shoot me.”



“Shoot me. Isn’t that – “ Anita started.

“Sir! Sir! Please answer me.”

“….what you want to do right?”


Liquid eyes. That was what she had on their wedding day and right then. Anita held out their 9mm. He reached for it.

“Sir? Sir?!”

End of chapter

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Singer dreams of completing how-to relationship book

There are so many jokes I could roll with singer/producer The Dream and his current hustle which you read right is to write a how-to relationship book. Screw speaking on what he’s successful at which is making hits for artists instead he wants to write a book for men on to get the milk without buying the cow with your significant other as if he’s an expert on that! Oops…there I go, lets reel it back in Talia!

The Dream who has been married twice with some R&B divas (apparently he likes to mix business with pleasure) feels that the state of marriages is not where it used to be stating,

That word marriage changes who you are. You have a good fight when you’re married and it’s like I’m out of here. Peace! It’s like it’s more fragile when it’s supposed to be stronger.”

I’ve never been married but isn’t that the point? You have to work extra hard so you don’t divorce? I agree, people don’t take marriages as seriously as God intended it to be but when you play husband and wifey two seconds after meeting each other what do you expect?

But anywho, I can’t get mad at his hustle. No release date on this one fellas!

Peace and luv!

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Digital first mystery/thriller imprint

Amazon has shook a lot of publishers’ feathers and they seem so unfazed by it all. What do a traditional publisher do? Make changes of course!

This will hopefully be a big year for HarperCollins as they roll out witness their first digital mystery/thriller imprint. WITNESS will debut this September. The first 10 titles under this new imprint will be released in October.

Why the sudden change? Well HarperCollins wants to grab as many self published authors as they can before Amazon takes them all. And of course they want to take advantage of unknown/new writers.

The benefits for writers hoping to land a deal? Quicker publishing process. They don’t say how soon your ebook will be out but I’m for sure it is better than the 18 months a traditional publisher takes.

Another bonus is authors of the Impulse imprint will start receiving royalty payments monthly just like Amazon Publishing offers their authors.

If you’re a mystery/thriller writer opportunity is knocking are you going to open the door and let it in?

Peace and luv!

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Rebirth: Urban Image Magazine

In less than 24 hours Urban Image Magazine will be available once again for all of you to view. I’m geeked and trippin a bit because I’m actually a part of the brand. The first time they put this out I was too scared to write articles. I doubted my skills so I decided to stay as an active blogger. I beat myself up after that stupid decision. Now we are back and so much better! Why don’t you ride with us!

Tomorrow is the relaunch of Urban Image Magazine! Twelve noon the ish pops off. Join us, guarantee you won’t regret it. You should be out of church by then. The cover is bananas! You want to know what is going on in our community, the good, the bad, and the ugly? It is all on this joint. Watch as our brand flourish and get hooked to some talented writers! Yeah I’m tooting our horns but if I don’t then that shows I don’t believe in this. Like our fan page on Facebook and bookmark our website on all of your devices. Join in on the conversation or do business with us by posting your ads. Hustlas and hustl-hers at their prime!

Peace and luv!

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Literary Monday Mashup

Decided to do something different. Mondays really are not all that fun and sometimes I have info that may not fit a whole post so why not mash them up. So here it goes.

Anticipated Memoirs

Besides albums that are anticipated so are books by hip hop artists. Questlove is set to release a memoir this summer. If you’re not sure who Questlove is watch Jimmy Falon or listen to The Roots on YouTube. Another hip hop group releasing a book is the Beastie Boys. They are publishing a memoir…well sort of. During the meeting one member said he wants it to be a nonmemoir, whatever that means bit it sounds interesting. No permanent date has been released but is looking to be released in the fall of 2015. Why so long?

Blind Novel?

This made me laugh and scratch my head at the same time.

Erotica writer Chad Leslie Peters has gotten creative with marketing a novel. He needs a little assistance in order to finish it. Instead of interviewing couples Peters wants the real experience. He has posted an ad in Craigslist asking for a female to have a love affair with him for 30 days. He lives in San Francisco and is a distinguished looking man; that was the first thing I thought of is what does he look like. Anywho…both are to keep a journal throughout the 30 days and record their emotions, impressions, etc where then he will use that for the sequel to his first novel The Affair: A Thirty Day Experimental in Love. He wants the female to be at least in her 20s, have a healthy sex history and take this project seriously. Really? I wonder is sex involved? Could this be a play to get some? Could this be a play to get some? It’s creative; I wonder has he gotten any bites?

Fashion & Lit Meets

Prada has decided to extend their brand by creating literary work. How can you be a part of Prada Journal? Submit a short story answering this question,

“What are the realities that our eyes give back to us? And how arw these realities filtered through lenses?”

Writers are encouraged to reference prescription specs as a metaphor for expressing their unique interpretations. It needs to be 10-20 pages with Bodoni as the type font. Story must not:

-be sexually explicit or derogatory of any ethnicity, racial, gender, religion or the disabled and no profanity,
-promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco or weapons,
-contain personal i.d.

The deadline is June 18th. Send responses to Winner will receive $5000 and publication. They will announce winner December 31st. Good luck!

Shaking It Up with YA

While her Shake It Up co-star is doing the cha-cha on Dancing With the Stars fifteen year old Bella Thorne is busy writing novels. Ten to be exact. Delacorte Press has offered the star a ten book deal for a YA series called Autumn Falls. The first edition will be released this summer. It’s about a young teen whose life changes once she stumble upons magic. Ten book deal? That is unheard of but congrats!

Peace and luv!

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Crimson Romance Submissions

What is the difference between romance and erotica? With erotica anything goes. Erotica is the naughty booty call your angelic ass want to have or the threesome in public you fantasize about while having the same old missionary position with your boring husband/wife/partner. Romance focuses on the build up of a relationship, the mechanics behind it. Emotional connection. The soulmate that will do anything to keep their lover, homie, friend. Still don’t get it? Well Google it, hell I can’t work miracles.

Romance writers listen up!

Crimsom is looking to build on their romance ebook line, that’s where you come in. They will accept full length novels that is at least 40,000 words. Romantic suspense, contemporary, paranormal, historical and spicy romance (which is one level below erotica) all with happy endinga are accepted. Email their editor Jennifer Lawler and include a quick summary of what your story is about. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. They said it I didn’t.

For short stories ranging from 5-10,000 words Crimsom is interested in Holiday themed romances during certain times of the year. Christmas and New Years Eve will be accepted up until June 1st. V-Day submissions are taken until August 1st. Sports themed stories are accepted until July 31st. They say any heat level is fine so push the envelope with these! Submit your full mamuscript to with the title Short Story Submission [intended collection] in the subject line. Good luck!

Peace and luv!

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