Mash up Mondays are back! Whatever is trending in the writing scene whether it be a writing competition, conference, tech ish or a celebrity new release I got you covered. If you know of anything delicious enough to dish about put them in the comments pleaz and thank you.

Well here we go!

Husband and Wife Duo Writes a Chikdren’s Book


Pop diva Mariah Carey and her black version of Ryan Seacrest husband Nick Cannon will be releasing a children’s novel this fall. It will be a remix to the old school version of 12 Days of Christmas with the main characters being their own children Roc and Roe. That’s all their giving out about it but I’m sure more info is around the block.

Writing Contest for Teens

Author Donna Labermeier is hosting a writing contest just for teens to encourage literacy. I love the whole concept of improving literacy. I also love that opportunities like this gives aspiring young writers a chance to perfect their craft early because not many things was available when I was younger. But anywho..

Fight for Teen Literacy will award 6 winners with prize money for themselves as well as their school library. Teenagers must read the author’s book then react to it by writing a song, making a film or any creative way. Go on The Healers Trilogy Facebook page by Feb. 16th to enter. Good luck.

Annual Competition Getting in High Gear

Another legendary contest is getting underway. It’s the Annual Competition from Writers Digest. Genres being accepted are: inspirational writing, memoirs, magazine feature article, genre short story, literacy short story, poetry, stage play, television/movie scripts and children’s/YA fiction.

Enter by either online or print the form out. The early bird deadline is May 5th. A grand prize winner will receive a lot of ish including: $3000, meeting with editors/agents, paid trip to WD conference, a year subscription to WD eBooks and a thirty minute consultation with Chuck Sambuchino.

Did I miss anything?

Peace and luv!

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Has Fan Fiction Gone Too Far?

I’m not a fan of fan fiction. The fact that anyone can make a little money off of the work an actual author has done drives me nuts. I mean all literary works are influenced by something in real life but fan fiction is going too far.

Now have this fan fiction idea gone too far? In my opinion hell yeah.


An unknown writer going by the name J. Lola has written a story called 50 Shades of Sin. This is the first to a series. A series about the destructive relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna. The crazy thing is this fool didn’t change their names. Instead of Chris’ bad side being looked down upon the author hypes it up as being ‘desirable, even sexy’! At one point in the story Chris threatens a random person saying he would break his hand for attempting to come in between him and his boo thang Robyn. When he tries to warn her to leave him he says, “I’m fucked up. Really fucked up.” J. Lola has Robyn respond with, “I’m fucked up too. Lets be fucked up together!”

I have read a lot of b.s. in my 34 years and this is right up there with the worst. What popped up in this person’s head that made them think it was peachy to profit off of someone’s abusive relationship?! And aren’t they afraid of being sued? They wasn’t even trying to hide their true identity in the book. This is down right ridiculous. I may not care too much for Chris’ antics a.k.a. nine levels of foolishness but I don’t agree with profiting off it either! Thoughts? Sound off.

Peace and luv!

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Literary Monday Mash Up

Alter Ego

Have you ever written a novel or short story under another alias? Not plagiarizing or anything. Many writers use a different name whenever they are writing in a different genre. J.K. Rowling decided to do the same thing. We as readers are just now finding about it because well she wrote it under a Robert Galbraith. Never heard of a female writer writing under the alias of a man but whatever floated her boat at the time. The Cuckoo’s Calling was published in April and the sales were not as great as a novel with her actual name on it and so she finally admitted to what she did and sales went off the charts. That shows you right there that there is power in a famous writer’s name. Is it really about marketing and all the other stuff?

Great Marketing Idea

Speaking of marketing this is a great idea. Leo Burnett Ad Agency came up with a great idea for books to be shared and read all over the world. Books on the Underground is what the campaign is called and this is the concept. They have made a sticker that you can order, place on your books and place them in libraries, bookstores, subways, etc. They don’t have to pay for the book all they have to promise to do is leave it somewhere else for someone else to find it once they are done with reading it themselves. You can request these stickers at booksontheunderground@hotmail.co.uk and once you receive a book with a sticker on it tweet it out so they know where you found their books at – @booksundergrnd. 

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Juror B37

I should have seen this coming although I was expecting George Zimmerman to be the one to do it. It will come soon enough I bet, how else will he earn money? How did you feel about the verdict? What were you doing? I should not have been shocked but I was, my body went numb. People kept saying look at this in a legal sense (that damn Dan Abrams), I looked at it in thar way and I still could not understand how he got off.

Anywhoo…one of the jurors, #B37 to be exact, is co-writing a book with her lawyer husband. It is picked up by Martin Literary Management already and will be about the jury process and being sequestered and some of the outdates laws that shoukd be changed, like this law that got Zimmerman free. They both have chosen to stay nameless so far.

I don’t believe it will sell especially since it is not about the case specifically but who knows.

Peace and luv!

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Joan Rivers in Hot Water


People need to understand that writers are just as important as any host on a television show. If it was not for the writers you would not have a show. Joan Rivers is learning that right about now.

Since April 17th Guild members have been on strike against Joan’s show on E! Fashion Police. It is not certain how long they have been treated unfairly but it is said that the members have only been paid half of the compensation that they were supposed to be paid and not given health or pension benefits. Now Joan you know you wrong for that. All that money you sitting on and you could not pay your people? Did you at least pay the hosts of the show? And what about your daughter? You probably paid them on time and the right amount huh?

On top of that Joan tried to be slick and become the writer for the show herself which honestly I thought she was however this is against strike violations. Now she has some ‘plaining to do in front of a judge. Good luck with that one, see if you can joke your way out of this one.

Peace and luv!

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What Makes the Oxford English Dictionary?

I have heard it all. Guess what word has made it into the Oxford Dictonary?


And we wonder why our children are not right. I’ve never heard anyone say this word, either thru social media or in real life. Have you? Geeked, yes. Geekery, no! What does it mean anyway? According to Wikipedia Geekery means,

One who is obsessed with one or more things.

Wow that really narrows it down for me. Pretty much everybody has geekery in them if that’s the case right? Who makes these lists up? They seriously should be fired.

Peace and luv!

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Multiple Project Syndrome

There may or may not be a realness to that M.P.S. but it sounds about right to what I am suffering.

Earlier this week I came up with this great novel idea. I instantly wanted to dive right in it, forget about everything else…

…oh hell, the other stuff. The novel I’m editing, the novel I’ve been working on already, my blog posts for this blog, UIM’s blog and the article I write for our e-magazine. I think that is it. What’s a girl to do? Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone have some solutions cause this bish needs help. ASAP!

Peace and luv!

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