The National Book Award Winners


Keeping in theme with the National Book Awards lets announce the winners if you haven’t heard them yet.

James McBride won in the fiction category for The Good Lord Bird

George Packer won in the nonfiction category for The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America

Mary Snybist won in the poetry category for Incarnadine

Cynthia Badohata won the YA Literature Award for The Thing About Luck

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Peace and luv!

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Start Off Your New Year Write…I Mean Right With These

What are your resolutions for 2013? Is it to become a bestseller? To write that novel you’ve had locked in your head for years? Become a journalist or switch to a different genre than the one you are writing on now just to challenge yourself? Let me help you out a little. Amazon has recommended these books to inspire you to get it poppin and write that fiction, nonfiction or poem you’ve been wanting to. Check them out:

2013 Writer’s Market – Robert Lee Brewer

2013 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market – Chuck Sambuchino

2013 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition – Robert Lee Brewer

2013 Guide to Literary Agents – Chuck Sambuchino

2013 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market – Scott Francis

2013 Poet’s Market – Robert Lee Brewer

2013 Songwriter’s Market – Roseann Biederman

There you have it! So there should be no excuse as to why you can’t start AND finish that novel THEN to publish it.

Peace and luv!

All Of These Years & Now The Victim Speaks

Hollywood is literally an addictive drug. Only a few can say they have come out of it unscathed but most cannot say that. What is even saddee is the fact that society fuels the fire to the foolery that goes on in Hollywood! We congratulate and condone behavior that is supposed to be unacceptable. Look at Charlie Sheen. This alcoholic, misogynistic, abusive, cocky s.o.b. openly admitted to using loads of coke on national tv and we are so cool with that. He didn’t get arrested or have the kids taken out of his custody, instead the babies were watched by some pornstars! Really? On top of that this fool gets a tv show fittingly called Anger Managment. When did beating women, doing coke and raising kids with pornstars become the norm? Did I miss that email?

Them there is Roman Polanski. My mouth literally dropped when I heard about this situation. How does this happen? Must be nice to have that kind of clout, money and friends in high places. In ’77 Polanski was indicted on six criminal counts for having sex with a 13 year old in actor Jack Nicholson’s home. Jack and his girlfriend at the time did testify against Mr. Polanski. Shortly after he escaped (like they didn’t see that coming) and resided his happy ass in Paris….oh but get this he still directed blockbusting movies! Authorities said they did not feel the need to go get him and bring him back to the States. That right there is literally a slap in the victim’s face.

Speaking of the victim, she is finally coming out with a memoir telling her side to the situation. Samantha Geimer will release a memoir in the fall of next year called The Girl: Emerging from the Shadow of Roman Polanski.

“I am more than Sex Victim Girl a tag the media pinned on me. My friends in jr high were scolded by their parents to stay away from that girl also labeled me.”

This is what she said in the press release Samantha issued. Friends closest to her were told to stay away but I bet those same parents paid to go see Roman Polanski directed movies.

I’m imtrigued by this story to the point where I am going to do a little research on it. I definitely want to check the book out!

On another note why in the world did Nicki Minaj coined that name as one of her egos? Another example of glorifying foolishness!

Peace and luv!

And Another One…

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get ready dolls! Some more Kardashians (well technically Jenners) got the writing bug, guess who?

Yep Kendell and Kylie. No they are not writing some book about their fabulous life this will be a YA novel due around this time next year. There has not been a name stamped on it yet. It will be co-written by Maya Sloane and already they have a deal with Simon & Schuster (damn, how that happen?). Two teens getting a deal before it is done? I can see if it was a non-fiction but really? I guess I would take advantage if I had connects like that but I would work my ass off at least; not letting my mommy hook me up. Funny how celebrities call themselves writers but hire ‘co-authors’ to help. Really? The co-author would get the best deal out of it tho, if the book sells well then their next project with their name on it possibly will sell like hot cakes – key word ‘possibly’. Just play your cards right and stretch that 15 minutes of fame.

With the announcement of the youngest Jenner girls and their sudden interest in writing some people is not really feeling it. Novelist Lisa Janice Cohen tweeted this heartfelt response:

Why am I surprised — 2 youngest Kardashian sisters have a deal w/Simon & Schuster for a YA SF book. Can I jump out a window now?

Well damn, tell us how you really feel. I feel what she is sayin tho. It does seem like that family is doing too much right now. But I guess it’s hard out here for a pimp ain’t that right Kris?

Peace and luv!

1st Ever Affinity Award Will Make Its Debut in 2013

Tribeca Film Festival press lounge

Tribeca Film Festival press lounge (Photo credit: tamaradulva)

Next year the Tribeca Film Festival will debut the Affinity Award which will award any African American over 21 making moves as a filmmaker. The winner of this prestigious award will get $20,000 in cash and a whole year of professional development for their project from the Tribeca Film Institute.

Industry execs will be the ones to nominate someone who exhibit great creative potential, have a strong proposal, can benefit tremendously from the exposure and has a potential for international and U.S. distribution. Visit for complete details. Winner will be announced in 2013 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Peace and luv!

Cee-Lo To Release Memoir?

Cee Lo Green - F--k You

Image via Wikipedia

Now I’ve heard it all – Cee-Lo, Mr. Fuck You himself, is coming out with a memoir. Even though I love him I’m not too sure he has done anything interesting enough for me to buy and read his book. What did he go through for all of us to give a damn? In case you are interested in the memoir though it will be published next year through Grand Central Publishing. It probably will take that long for him to write this one or his ghostwriters Big Gipp and reporter David Wild. He explains that this piece of work will allow his readers to ‘enter the supernatural, the surreal and extraordinary’. Okkkaaaayyyy…..still not buying it. Cee-Lo we don’t believe you we need more people! That’s all I’m saying.

Writers do you get frustrated when celebrities write books knowing that half the time they are not writing those novels or memoirs? I’m not pissed to the point where I want to hate on a regular basis but I am a little upset because it makes it harder for ‘normal’ people to get a nice traditional deal. What happened to storytelling? Publishers are more concerned with getting that A-list celebrity (sometimes B status) to write about themselves. That is probably why so many writers take the self publishing route. Well let me know if you’re going to read the memoir.

Peace and luv!