Agents & Conferences Looking for Writers 8-29-13


Get your pens and papers ready. Here are three agents looking for writers!

Lisa Rodgers – Jabberwocky Literary
Julie Just – Pippin Properties
Sharon Pelletier – Dystel & Goderich

Conference to check out:

American Christian Fiction Writers Conference
Sept. 13-15th, Indianapolis, IN

Northern Ohio SCWBWI Conference
Sept. 20-21st, Cleveland, OH

Writer’s Digest Conference West
Sept. 27-29th, L.A.

Oklahoma SCBWI “Agents Day”
Oct. 5th, Chandler, OK

Emerald City Writers Conference
Oct 18-20th, Bellevue, WA

Mid-Atlantic SCBWI Conference
Oct. 25-26th, Sterling, VA

Missouri SCBWI Conference
Nov. 2-3rd, St. Charles, MO

Atlanta Writers Conference
Nov. 8-9th, Atlanta, GA

San Francisco Writers Conference
Feb. 13-16th, 2014

Missouri Writers Guild Conference
April 25-27th 2014, St. Louis, MO

Peace and luv!

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Pitching with Jeff Kleinman

Co-founder of Folio Literary Management LLC

Co-founder of Folio Literary Management LLC

What is a pitch? A pitch is a very short description of what your novel is about. That pitch can make or break whether you get a book deal with an agent or publisher. You need to always be ready with on because you just never know when you will run into one, an elevator or in line at the grocery store. I got someone for you though that can help you out – Jeff Kleinman.

Agent Jeff Kleinman who has been in the business for awhile (hello he co-founded Folio Literary Management LLC) is teaching writers how to pitch. In the course he will teach you how to:

  • find an agent
  • sell manurscripts
  • work with an agent

Classes start August 14th at 8-9p online. The price is $275. Go online and visit to get all of the class info.

Peace and luv!


Monday Mashup

2 agents seeking clients

1. Jessica Negron Talcott Notch Literary. Seeking: YA, adult fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and thrillers

2. Steven Hutson WordWise Media. Seeking: wide range of fiction and nonfiction. NO: erotica, poetry, chainsaw murders, picture books or screenplays

Upcoming Conferences

Midwest Writers Workshops
July 25-27 Muncie, IN

Cape Cod Writers Conference
Aug. 4-9th Cape Cod, MA

Killer Nashville (mystery/crime)
Aug. 22-25 Nashville, TN

American Christian Fiction Writers Conference
Sept. 13-15 Indianapolis, IN

Northern Ohio SCBWI Conference
Sept. 20-21 Cleveland OH

Emerald City Writers Conference
Oct 18-20 Bellevue, WA

WD Conference West
Sept 27-29
L. A., California

Registration open now!

All access: earlybird $549 (until 7-19)
                   regular $599
                   onsite $699

Individual: earlybird $449
                   regular $499
                   onsite $599

Sat. Only:   regular $349
                   onsite $449

Self publishing conference only:
                   earlybird $249
                   regular $299
                   onsite $349


Boot Camp: Writing a Novel                                 They Can’t Put Down

Boot Camp: Pathways to Publication

Main Program

First 10 pgs

Pitch Perfect


From Blog – Agent – Book Deal

Amazon for Authors

Pitch Slam

The Era of Options

Pitch Slam

Dazzling Dialogue

The Writer’s Business Plan


How to Blog a Book

Create Writer Platform

Great Expectations

Closing Keynote

Peace and luv!

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What they want….YA and fantasy

Recently some editors, publishers and agents got on Twitter to tell writers what their wish list was when it comes to submissions. I’m not going to copy and paste all of what they are looking for but I can sum it all up for you. The top two that they are looking for currently are YA and some form of fantasy. One even said that she does NOT, NOT, NOT, want anything on divorce, cancer, jerk husbands or getting your groove back fiction. Well damn, ladies isn’t that our real lives? Guess she doesn’t want to read about it too. But what does this say for us writers?

Don’t feel pressured to immediately start writing YA or fantasy fiction. I know, it is hard for me to hop on the YA or fantasy train too. After I read the list I had to push myself to realize that those are not areas that I am familiar with nor do I want to be familiar with right now, maybe down the line. So why not go with the flow? Well think about this – agents, etc are looking to make money so they lean toward what is hot on the bestsellers lists. Remember last year this time it was erotica because of that damn novel stealer author who wrote (if that is what you wanna call it) Fifty Shades of Grey? Now everybody wants to do YA or fantasy. What is it going to be next year? Now if you are a multi-genre writer such as myself then you can adapt to switching genres but you could get in trouble with that later. What if you get into it and realize that you are not feeling the genre but keep going because that’s what is hot? Fans will feel that no matter how you have convinced yourself otherwise. This is all a fad.

Keep doing the genre that you are doing. Somebody wants to read it if you thought of it you is not the only one crazy and different. Who knows it may be the next big thing next year and you will be getting movie deals and 3, 4, or 5, book deals. But don’t start biting your nails and pulling your hair out because a few agents, publishers or agents wants a certain genre right now. Their minds change as quickly as the wind blowing their way.

Peace and luv!

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Literary Monday Mash-Up

Need an agent? These agents are looking for new clients!

  • Berta Treitl (Grosvenor Literary Agency): nonfiction (science&tech, current events, law&politics, biography, business & marketing, art design, cooking, health & lifestyle) fiction (historical & high quality mysteries)
  • Amy Tannenbaum (Jane Rotrosen Agency): new adult, romance, high quality commercial women’s fiction
  • Linda Epstein (Jennifer De Chiara Literary): literary fiction, upscale commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction, fantasy & memoirs. will NOT accept bodice rippers, or anything with dead, maimed or kidnapped children, thrillers, horrors, romance or traditional sci-fi
  • Roz Foster (Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency): literary, commercial, women’s fiction, literary sci-fi and literary YA, nonfiction (current events, designs, business, cultural anthropology/social science, politics, psychology & memoir. NOT interested in sports, cookbooks, screenplays, poetry, romance & children’s middle grade picture books
  • Sarah E. Younger (Nancy Yost): romance/women’s fiction (contemporary, historical, western, sports, regency, inspirational, urban fantasy, paranormal & YA)
  • Bridget Smith (Dunham Literary Inc): middle grade & YA fiction (fantasy & sci-fi, historical fiction, romance & contemporary)

These agents will accept picture books:

  • Rachel Hecht of Foundry Literary + Media
  • Christa Heschke of McIntosh & Otis
  • Danielle Smith of Foreword Literary
  • Kathleen Zakhar of Harold Ober Associates

Get a Free book at B&N

Sorry adults, this is only for the kids. This summer kids can win a free book from their special Reading Journal if they read 8 books. Parents can download the Summer Reading Journal off of the site and have your kids start to fill it out after each book. The program which is well in effect ends Sept 3rd. Teachers and parents are included too, B&N has a workbook filled with reading ideas.

Quirk Books

Quirk Books is looking for the next romance author so they are hosting a ‘Looking for Love’ Fiction Contest. First place winner will receive $10,000 (read it twice) and get published by Quirk Books! Anything is pretty much accepted well anything but vampire stories. The deadline is Oct. 1st, 2013. Download the entry form at

Peace and luv!

Youth Writing Conferences

More and more there are workshops for youth. This is a great way for them to perfect their craft early on and expand on it. Ventana Sierra is hosting a Young Writer’s Workshop on June 15th. The one day event teaches teens on how to promote their writing. Foreward Literary will help the youth publish their work through e-publishing.

Five sessions led by four authors and agents. If anyone wants an one on one with an author/agent it will be $100 otherwise this workshop is free.

For the adults there is a 3 day event at Western Nevada College in Carson City, Nevada. Guest speakers include: Ellen Hopkins, Sarah Branham, Judith Curr, Jill Corcoran, Lorin Oberweger, Eric Elfman, Emma Dryden, Marilee Swirczek, Lara Perkins & Laurie McLean.

Check out the schedule!

June 14
2p – registration
3:30 – want an agent? Create a pitch kit

4:30 – the elevator pitch. What’s your book really about?

7 – keynote Ellen Hopkins

7:30 – author readings/open mic

June 15
9a – keynote Judith Curr

9:45 – Holding the River: when to create narrative traction & when to let the reader fly

-What the !!!! is voice & how the sam hill do yall find it?

-10 all too common writing mistakes & how to fix them

1:30 – constructing the world: internal/external world building

-demystifying fiction with the elements of mystery

-crafting an addictive first chapter & a satisfying last chapter

3 – editor panel

3:45 – group 2 critiques

5 – booksigning

7:30 – peer pitch reviews

June 16th
9 – 5 elements that really sell a story

10:45 – group 1 critiques

1 – imagery: telling details

– building a towering social networking platform

– screenwriting techniques as story builders

3:30 – agent pitchfest

Early registration (up til May 15th) cost $450. After May 15th the cost is $550. For an one on one manuscript review it will be $100. Visit for full details.

Peace and luv from Ms. Talia!

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Need an agent?

What makes a great agent? At the end of the day a great agent better have a passion for the genre you are writing AND get you that big ass six figure book deal for that manuscript you have slaved over for months….only half kidding.

Know the genre they represent before sending your story. Honestly don’t send your science fiction novel to an agent who only specializes in memoirs. They wouldn’t know the first thing about that genre. Granted they may have connects but with all the submissions they get daily why would they waste their time sending your ish?

How many clients do the agent have currently? Too many clients can mean you will not get the attention you need resulting in missed opportunities. Be caution of a too eager beaver agent, they may be more concerned with how the client list look to potential clients than anything else.

Connections. Not a sexual connection gosh get your mind out of the gutter! An agent may have a decent list of high powered, money making clients but if the agemt has a bad ass attitude how will you two work?  Remember you as a writer have to look at yourself as a business. Your brand is at stake, screw interviews, etc if your agent is an ass.

Check the agents website for updated information regularly! You never know when the agent ventures off to another company or no longer is in the business. Always do your homework.

Now who do you go to? I’m not a miracle worker but here is a few agents who are looking for clients.

Brittany Howard
Genre: YA

Margaret Bail
Genre: adult fiction

Andy Sheer

Samantha Dighton
Genre: literary, historical, mystery/thriller, magical realism, psychological thrillers, YA & narrative nonfiction

Jennifer Udden
Genre: science fiction, fantasy and mysteries

Bradford Literary Agency
Genre: romance, urban fantasy, women’s fiction, mystery, children’s, business, and self help
Query by email

Greyhaus Literary Agency
Genre: romance
Only take queries until March 17th

Hornfischer Literary Management
Genre: nonfiction
Query by email only

If you’re not sure how to query, check out these suggestions:

Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters

The Writer’s Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals

2013 Guide to Literary Agents

Peace and luv from your girl, Talia

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