Street Lit is Heating Up My Charts Again


To my new readers I started out writing street lit before it hit the stores and before I knew what it really was. It was what I saw in my own neighborhood. Then life happened and I stopped writing altogether. Once I started my passion again I began to read it again I had a huge wake up call. Street lit had become garbage. Bad repetition, cliches, terrible editing and so on laced these so called street lit books and I denounced street lit out of my life and challenged myself to write other genres which I enjoy by the way. I didn’t even want to touch a book. As a writer I didn’t understand how in the hell these books were coming out, it was making us real writers look bad as hell. Something changed. I started reading street lit again because I saw so many people talk about it and I was back hooked again. I have been even motivated enough to wanna write a street lit novel again. I’ve been having a concept in my head for the last two weeks and I am thinking about writing it during next month’s NaNoWriMo event. I have to first finish Dear Daddy. I will let you know the details later but a bish is geeked up about this. Have you read any street lit lately? Holla at me if you have so I can check it out. Peace and luv!

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Books to Check Out

Haven’t given this to you in awhile. Here is the self published bestsellers list for the week of August 26th.


Raising Ryann – Alyssa Rae Taylor
Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken
Stripped – Jasinda Wilder
Dust – Hugh Howey
Freefall – Tess Oliver


Freefall – Tess Oliver
Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken
Stay With Me – Samantha Chase
Faithful – Kelly Elliott
Into the Deep – Samantha Young


Heller’s Decision – JD Nixon
Rock Chick Revolution – Kristen Ashley
Chasing Paradise – Pamela Ann
Natural Consequences – Elliott Kay
Fate of the Kinunir – Robert E. Vardeman

Go ahead and add these to your lists if you haven’t already.

Peace and luv!

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Self Published Bestsellers for July 8th


1. Surrender Your Love J. C. Reed
2. Conquer Your Love J. C. Reed
3. The Billionaires Obsession J. S. Scott
4. Him Carey Heywood
5. Bully Penelope Douglas


1. Surrender Your Love J. C. Reed
2. A Man Overboard Shawn Hopkins
3. Conquer Your Love J. C. Reed
4. Summer Secrets Barbera Freethy
5. By The Sea Antoinette Stockenberg


1. Jocomo Timothy Cohorst
2. Come Alive Karina Halle
3. Black Heart K. L. Mathewson
4. Salvation Erica Stevens
5. Notice Me Lili Lam


1. The Last Boyfriend J. S. Cooper
2. Submit Melody Anne
3. The Last Husband J. S. Cooper
4. Forever Too Far Abbi Glines
5. Let Me Love You Morgan Rayne

There you go. Go buy some bestselling books and enjoy some self publishing ones at that!. Have a great day!

Peace and luv!

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Monday Mashup

2 agents seeking clients

1. Jessica Negron Talcott Notch Literary. Seeking: YA, adult fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and thrillers

2. Steven Hutson WordWise Media. Seeking: wide range of fiction and nonfiction. NO: erotica, poetry, chainsaw murders, picture books or screenplays

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Great Expectations

Closing Keynote

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Flip the Script on eBook Piracy


e-book (Photo credit: Ángela Espinosa)

Work with me on this one. This could be a good thing trust me. Living in the hood I’ve come across street hustla’s selling everything imaginable out the trunk of their car, in bags or in their clothes! Movies and music are the hottest bootleg trends but what about eBook piracy? It has increased in numbers and authors are clueless as to what to do about it. Their initial reactions are to spaz out and sue. Don’t get it twisted it’s wrong to sell bootleg anything but why not use it to your advantage?

Work with them instead of against them

Instead of paying boo-coo amount of money for someone to do a blurb or a review of your upcoming novel why not approach the bootleggers and see for an exchange for the illegal ish they are doing they can do a review or blurb to help promote your work. Think about it we give our eBooks away for free for publicity why not get even more out of it.

Hire them!

The only reason they are pirated your work is so they can make money off of you so why not pay them. They are great promoters/marketers so hire them to do just that. Who knows a long term business relationship could come out of this. Teach them to earn legit money.

Mention them to other writer friends

Obviously they will bootleg other eBooks until they can get something legit going. Why not lead them down the right path by offering their um…services to your writer friends. Some will most likely cuss you out for even insinuating they hire their enemies. Just point out that the positives outweighs the negatives and if they still declines respect that and keep it moving. Personally it’s best to keep your friends closer and your eBook bootlegger even closer.


Nobody love losing money, it’s a brutal business and I don’t foresee it disappearing ever. It may seem as though I am not taking this subject seriously, I am but I’m a realist and what did your grandma used to say? Make lemonade out of lemons.

Peace and luv!

Self Published Bestsellers for the week of June 17th


  1. Forever Too Far – Abbi Glines
  2. Conquer Your Love – J.C. Reed
  3. Surrender Your Love – J.C. Reed
  4. Before Now – Cheryl McIntyre
  5. Beauty from Surrender – Georgia Cates


  1. Forever Too Far – Abbi Glines
  2. Don’t Leave Me – James Scott Bell
  3. Return to Paradise – Carol Grace
  4. Mine to Take – Cynthia Eden
  5. Conquer Your Love – J.C. Reed


  1. Beauty from Surrender – Georgia Cates
  2. Jocomo – Timothy Cohorst
  3. Salvation – Erica Stevens
  4. Forged in Blood I – Lindsay Buroker
  5. Elysian – Addison Moore


  1. Forever Too Far – Abbi Glines
  2. Forever Black – Sandi Lynn
  3. Forever You – Sandi Lynn
  4. Fallen Too Far – Abbi Glines
  5. Never Too Far- Abbi Glines

Peace and luv!

IndieBound bestseller list

IndieBound bestseller list (Photo credit: bookavore)

Videochatting from BEA authors

Can’t make it to the BEA? I got you! Well actually Shindig gots you. Today and tomorrow watch live chats from over 50 authors. Chick Palahnuik, Ron Hogan, Lynn Rosen are just a few who will be live chatting. RSVP at

Peace and luv!

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