A Different Surprise in the Kid’s Happy Meals


“Daddy where is the toy?” Giselle asked her daddy.

“That is the surprise,” her daddy responded enthusiastically.

“A book?”

“Yeah. That could be our bedtime story for tonight.”

“Cool.” Giselle puts the book next to her as she eats her Happy Meal.

That could have went a whole other direction such as the kid could have thrown a serious ass hissy fit because she did not get a toy. Why would there be a book in a happy meal anyway? November Mcdonalds will be replacing their ususual toys for books in a two week trial. The books will be about active play and nutrition. This comes after fast food chains getting flack for allowing athletes to promote eating at their restaurants.
My opinion?

I’m always down for kids and reading. Our literacy issue here is embarrassing. Think about this, kids in the inner city are more exposed to fast food joints because it is cheap also inner city kids are more likely to have lower test and reading scores in school. Get what I’m saying? Any opportunity to get a book into their hands is fine with me. Of course there will be some kids that will fuss their spoiled asses off because they want a toy not a book but they will be alright. I will say this though I don’t believe they are doing this because they care but more because of the bad complaints they are getting from parents. Your thoughts?

Peace and luv!

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Self Published Bestsellers for July 8th


1. Surrender Your Love J. C. Reed
2. Conquer Your Love J. C. Reed
3. The Billionaires Obsession J. S. Scott
4. Him Carey Heywood
5. Bully Penelope Douglas


1. Surrender Your Love J. C. Reed
2. A Man Overboard Shawn Hopkins
3. Conquer Your Love J. C. Reed
4. Summer Secrets Barbera Freethy
5. By The Sea Antoinette Stockenberg


1. Jocomo Timothy Cohorst
2. Come Alive Karina Halle
3. Black Heart K. L. Mathewson
4. Salvation Erica Stevens
5. Notice Me Lili Lam


1. The Last Boyfriend J. S. Cooper
2. Submit Melody Anne
3. The Last Husband J. S. Cooper
4. Forever Too Far Abbi Glines
5. Let Me Love You Morgan Rayne

There you go. Go buy some bestselling books and enjoy some self publishing ones at that!. Have a great day!

Peace and luv!

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Ways Talking About Books are Beneficial

Elementary students at Strobridge elementary in Hayward, California has been introduced to a new incentive. If they turn in their toy guns they will get a book. Such a great idea since it is summer and the kiddies will be bringing their water guns out quicker than any book! Yeah I know, let them play right? But think about the effects of what your kid usually spend their most time with doing? I know when it gets hot in my hood real guns come out to play, young kids can’t distinguish the two. Get my point now?

Talk to your kids about books just as much as you talk about the subject matter. Why? Because it teaches them that books are beneficial to their success. Focusing just on the fun subjects will only make them hate classroom reading more and it shows them to only read what interests them. They will go to school and read what they want and not what they need.

Tell them reading is power. Once you possess that the world literally is at their disposal. Kids love power.

Is your kids talking about books to you? To each other? If not what are you doing to help them try to?

Peace and luv!

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Self published in bookstores

Should self published books be able to sell their works in bookstores?

I know that is a stupid ass question and I haven’t really thought of it until I read something on a website where someone argued self published books have no place in a bookstore.

Well damn grouch why the hell not?!

There is these stereotypes when it comes to self published works, i.e. bad editing, terrible cover design, no ISBN, terrible plot and characters and everything in between.

Call me crazy but I’ve read novels published from traditional, well respected publishers that have all of those mistakes and plenty more. What is their excuse?

Harder for them than you think.

Delving deeper into this subject I started to realize maybe bookstores can’t really afford to openly shelve self published books. Look at their biggest competitor. It’s called Amazon for a reason! Local bookstores are falling short daily because people are liking the one click purchases all in the comfort of their pjs and bed. Bookstores have to rely on bestsellers to bring in customers on a consistent basis. Accepting a lot of self published authors is a huge financial risk. Can you bring in customers? And can you prove you can? You can’t just sell some pipe dreams.

On the flip side though (bookstores I’m talking to you here) storing self published works can create a buzz locally like no other. It’s exciting to know there is a writer in the area and that their work is being sold down the block. That kind of buzz is great for the author and bookstore.

What about hosting workshops where the author teaches how to self publish and be on the same bookshelves next to their favorite authors? That’s more people to come in and purchase the how-to books and the money charged for the workshops can go back into the store.

Yes we get it you have limited space for indie writers’ books but giving them an inch can give you some good long term business. Think about it. Don’t just close us out.

Peace and luv!

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The Most Powerful Authors In Hollywood

What makes an author powerful? Is it how many books they sell or the ability to weave fantasy into words that breathes life into anyone who reads the book? Does your definition apply to authors who have crossed over into the Hollywood scene? Or do they have a whole other level of power? According to The Hollywood Reporter a powerful writer in Hollywood has accomplished successfully the transition from book to the movie screen, has mastered getting their work published and have made a cultural influence due to their literary work.

The Hollywood Reporter has released the list for the 25 Most Powerful Authors in Hollywood. You should not be surprised at who made the list especially if you love to read but just in case you have no clue here are the top 10 from that list:

1. Stephen King
2. Elmore Leonard
3. Nicholas Sparks
4. El James
5. Suzanne Collins
6. Robert Kirkman
7. George R. R. Martin
8. James Patterson
9. Michael Lewis
10. Stephenie Meyer

Check out the complete list here. THR also did a list for authors to look out for to make it into Hollywood too. Guess who is numero uno on that list?

1. Zane
2. Jennifer Egan
3. Lee Child
4. Maggie Stievater
5. John Green
6. Ranson Riggs

Do you agree with either list? I have only read work from Zane in the authors to watch list but I am up for reading something from the others. If you had to make a list of the top 5 powerhouse authors who would be on that list?

Peace and luv!

Stephen King’s Advice

I read an article the other day on a website. Stephen King was speaking in seeing the scene before you write it down. I had a moment when I read it because I thought every writer did that. I mean what other way is there?

This would be on the top 5 list of best advice for writers. No matter what kind of scene no matter how insignificant you need to visualize the scene otherwise you will not get the realness to come across the pages. I don’t need you thinking about what you will be making for dinner or if you actually brushed your teeth this morning (did you? I hope you did) while writing. It’s hard but it is what it is. You know when you’re talking to someone say for instance your teenage child who may be looking at you when you are talking but you know their minds are somewhere else? It’s like that. It irks me to read a novel and I know the author was not connected. Maybe since I’m a writer I am sensitive to things like this ever after putting on my reader hat I don’t know but it irks me all the same.

There have been characters I’ve written that had me cursing at them because I couldn’t stand their very essence but I know I would not have cared enough to get pissed if I had not have envisioned the character as though I were them and in that scene. Don’t be the fly in the room. Great advice Mr. King.

Peace and lu