Table 4 Writer’s Foundation

From now until October 15th you can submit a short story for the Table 4 Writer’s Foundation Writing Competition. Five winners will win $2500 grants in honor of restaurant owner Elaine Kaufman who welcomed writers into her restaurant daily.

Download the application at then send it with a $10 fee. Good luck!

Peace and luv!

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Write It Your Way

Have a short story that you’ve been keeping a secret or one that is too short to publish? Grab it, dust the cobwebs off and spruce it up (in that damn order) because Writer’s Digest is hosting a ‘write it your way’ competition.

Any genre (fiction or non) is accepted long as it is 1200 words or less. It only costs $5 to enter. The winner will receive free entry into next month’s contest, promotion for the story and $25 to spend at Writer’s Digest.

I always believe that one of the best ways to get your name out is to participate in contests. Writer’s Digest is an excellent source to start that journey. Visit the link for more contests! Deadline is July 15th.

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Independent Awards

One of the ways self publishers can get noticed and acquire readers is if they submit their novel to book awards. Book Cover Cafe has compiled a list of independent publisher book awards to check into; to see the full list visit:

  1. WD Self Published Book Awards @
  2. National Indie Excellence book Awards @
  3. The IPPY Awards @

Be careful when you enter awards or competitions. Try if you can to check them all out thoroughly, just because there may be a decent prize doesn’t mean it’s legit. Check for submission fees, read all guidelines and see if you keep all of the rights. What about copyright issues? If you’ve published your work most likely you have it copyrighted so make sure if by chance your stuff is copied you know what to do to protect your rights (get it? rights…copyRIGHTS anywho…). Bottom line be careful but have fun too.

Peace and luv!

Indie Books In Conglomerate Bookstores

Image representing Barnes & Noble as depicted ...

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I live to see my books in the front of bookstores. To see my name across the cover well that’s priceless. I’m going a different route than traditional publishing, I want to join the self publishing wave. With that decision comes a few problems one being how in the hell do I get into my city’s bookstores. Several years ago it was difficult for self publishers to get in the door let alone in the front of the bookstore.

Not all but quite a few bookstores have step by step kits for self publishers to get into the stores. They made it so self publishers do not have to do some elaborate scheme in order to win the store’s attention. Set stipulations (contracts) are put into place. I highly recommend you either go into your local bookstore and ask if they allow self published books and if they do how does it work. Never do you want to be hardheaded or cocky and put twists to what they require; that’s a guaranteed ‘decline’ and a ruined future business-ship. Remember they are doing you a favor not the other way around.

Everyone is familiar with Barnes & Nobles so I checked out their website to see what they require:

Collect your finished book (not the manuscript) along with your marketing/promotional plans, trade reviews, and a note telling B&N how your book will meet the competition in their stores and send it all to:

The Small Press Department

Barnes and Noble

122 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10011

To schedule author events in a Barnes and Noble contact the community relations manager. Questions that you need to have in the forefront of your mind are:

-does the book have an ISBN

-does it have a bar code?

-what kind of binding will you use?

-is it available thru a wholesaler?

-is the price competitive?

-has the book met compliance certification?

-why should B&N place your book on their shelves?

Please don’t go into this half steppin’ you will only get met with ‘are you kidding me?’ stares. Keep ish simple and most of all professional.

Peace and luv!

Writer’s Digest Competitions

Readers Digest New Logo

Readers Digest New Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I’ve posted this before but it’s always a good thing to remind my readers of competitions or conferences you might have been interested in but may have forgotten, so here are a few to put in your smartphone:

  • Self Published Awards – Deadline is April 20th
  • Annual Competition – Deadline is May 1st
  • Popular Fiction Competition – Deadline is Sept 14th
  • Short Short Story Competition – Deadline is Nov 15th
  • Poetry Awards – Deadline is Dec 3rd

Peace and luv!

Talent Gone Too Soon

It nerves me when I hear about a brotha/sistah being killed especially by our own people. This is one of those situations. Last year author Nate Holmes was fatally shot in Phoenix, Arizona. Let me go back and give you a little background on him.

Writing was not in his vision at first. Nate came across a short story competition back in 2006. He came in third place in the Hear Me Project HIV/AIDS campaign contest. This starts him becoming interested in writing. He didn’t know he had this God given talent to tell stories. His debut novel is released shortly after called Can’t Knock The Hustle. Taking it a step further Nate Holmes creates Hustle Hard Productions. His goal for the publishing house was to be the gateway for men and women interested in writing that have or are in person been in prison. People seem to forget that the purpose of prison is not only to punish a person but to rehabilitate that person so once they are released they can maneuver through society. Instead a lot of convicts get thrown away and forgotten by the society they once lived in. When they are released they are not accepted by society half the time and the services that was supposed to help rehabilitate them never is followed through. Hustle Hard Productions was going to be that connection for people in prison to showcase their talent and give them a voice. Unfortunately Nate Holmes was not able to fully fulfill that goal.

His legacy will not be forgotten though. It was announced that at the AAMBC Literary Awards this year the Nate Holmes Honorary Award will be added to the annual award show. Any author who has performed selfless acts such as not only promoting their own work but of other writers, whether beginning or seasoned in their craft and even being a mentor as well qualifies for this award. Fitting for a brotha who wanted to be that mentor to someone who lost their own voice a long time ago. For the first time these are the nominees for the Nate Holmes Honorary Award 2012:

  • K’Wan
  • Treasure E. Blue
  • Radiah Hubbert
  • David Weaver
  • Traci Bee
  • Tracy Brown

Good luck to everyone! The winner will be announced on May 6th.

Peace and luv!