Books to Check Out

Haven’t given this to you in awhile. Here is the self published bestsellers list for the week of August 26th.


Raising Ryann – Alyssa Rae Taylor
Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken
Stripped – Jasinda Wilder
Dust – Hugh Howey
Freefall – Tess Oliver


Freefall – Tess Oliver
Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken
Stay With Me – Samantha Chase
Faithful – Kelly Elliott
Into the Deep – Samantha Young


Heller’s Decision – JD Nixon
Rock Chick Revolution – Kristen Ashley
Chasing Paradise – Pamela Ann
Natural Consequences – Elliott Kay
Fate of the Kinunir – Robert E. Vardeman

Go ahead and add these to your lists if you haven’t already.

Peace and luv!

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WD Self Published eBook Awards

Remember when no one was feeling eBooks? Now everyone and their mama have some kind of eReader and writers such as me can easily publish their work within hours. What about recognition? The WD Self Published eBook Awards is coming for your eBook publishers. Categories are for fiction:

-genre and

Prizes for grand prize winner:

-name on cover
-$200 worth of WD books
-30 min. platform consultation
-subscription to WD

Prizes for 1st place winner:

-recognition in WD magazine
-$100 worth of WD books

Prizes for 2nd place winner:

-recognition in WD
-$50 worth of WD books

The early bird deadline is September 9th. Visit for full details. Good luck!

Peace and luv!

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Smart marketing with Dan Brown

Authors are getting very creative when it comes to marketing. Last week I told you about an author that put a ad in Craigslist for a woman to have a professional love affair with him for 30 days so he can write about it in his next novel. I would not go that deep, maybe having a book signing at a sex shop would be more my league. Mystery? Have a scavenger hunt that relates to the plot. Enticing readers with free stuff is definitely a plus; everyone loves free ish. Or what about a game?

Kobo is running an online game called The Descent which is based off of Dan Brown’s Inferno and nine circles of hell. Download Sins of Temptation and Sins of Violence for free through Kobo. There are clues sprinkled within the ebooks, crack them and play the game. First player to arrive at the final step and complete it will get $5,000 AND an ereader signed by Dan Brown himself. Hurry up though, this promotion ends May 14th!

Peace and luv!

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Red Hot Reads

Cosmo magazine and Harlequin has linked up to create sizzling hot novels to tempt your tastebuds called Red Hot Reads. They will be about independent women with outgoing lifestyles. Two original ebooks written by Harlequin authors will be released a month starting in May.

Will you read them?

I might have to check them out but what I really want to know is if they will accept material from outside writers? Let me check that out and get back with you.

Peace and luv!

Open Book Projects Wants You

Only if you’re a writer that is. Open Books have come up with a creative concept to a project. Each week people from all over can put in their submissions of what they feel will be the next episode to their project. The first chapter (or episode) is called Face, your job is to look at video and get to creating. Each new episode will be turned into an ebook and the person/s who has their submission picked will share in the revenues.

It is great when technology and social media is used to connect people from all corners of the world. Hopefully this project will create many fans. Visit to submit.

Peace and luv!

First A Twitter Account Now eBooks?

I think it was last year when the Pope got a Twitter account. They even documented the ish too like that was breaking news. Personally I think that Twitter is the devil which is ironic since the Pope is well….the Pope. Apparently he is using it for a good reason which is to send out motivational tweets for cleansing the site I guess.

Maybe I’m getting carried away here. Anywho the Vatican is now publishing eBooks on the many addresses the Pope has made starting back in 2006 to the present. There will be thirteen total. Maybe then I will be able to understand him.

Peace and luv!

Did You Know?

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Random post but do you know if your local library loan out eBooks? Don’t feel bad I don’t know if mine do…I think so.  I have a slight excuse, I don’t have have an iPad, a Kindle or any eReader. The Pew Internet Research has released some crazy statistics. 62% of Americans are unaware that ebooks are available at their library. That is crazy considering everybody and their mama has some kind of device to read from. 53% of tablet owners don’t know if their library lends ebooks and 58% of library card owners don’t know if their local libraries loan ebooks.

Crazy huh?

Next time you are at your local library ask your librarian if they loan out ebooks. So much better than buying at full price.

Peace and luv!