Has Fan Fiction Gone Too Far?

I’m not a fan of fan fiction. The fact that anyone can make a little money off of the work an actual author has done drives me nuts. I mean all literary works are influenced by something in real life but fan fiction is going too far.

Now have this fan fiction idea gone too far? In my opinion hell yeah.


An unknown writer going by the name J. Lola has written a story called 50 Shades of Sin. This is the first to a series. A series about the destructive relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna. The crazy thing is this fool didn’t change their names. Instead of Chris’ bad side being looked down upon the author hypes it up as being ‘desirable, even sexy’! At one point in the story Chris threatens a random person saying he would break his hand for attempting to come in between him and his boo thang Robyn. When he tries to warn her to leave him he says, “I’m fucked up. Really fucked up.” J. Lola has Robyn respond with, “I’m fucked up too. Lets be fucked up together!”

I have read a lot of b.s. in my 34 years and this is right up there with the worst. What popped up in this person’s head that made them think it was peachy to profit off of someone’s abusive relationship?! And aren’t they afraid of being sued? They wasn’t even trying to hide their true identity in the book. This is down right ridiculous. I may not care too much for Chris’ antics a.k.a. nine levels of foolishness but I don’t agree with profiting off it either! Thoughts? Sound off.

Peace and luv!

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Fan Fiction turned all the way up!

Amazon has made it cool for people to copy talented writers and now you have all of these people with big heads thinking they can write! It’s

100,000 Free Books Wattpad

100,000 Free Books Wattpad (Photo credit: HostingCoupons)

not just a few hundred getting into this, on WattPad there are…you ready?…4.7 million fan fiction stories! So quite a few fake writers out there. How wonderful. Seriously what is the point of writing when there will be some lazy person waiting to rewrite your ish that you worked hard for?

Peace and luv!

E. L. James teaches us how to write

Yeah, I laughed at my own title for this post too. I thought you might need something to make you laugh this Tuesday morning because this girl is doing entirely too much. Just when I thought her 15 minutes were about to be up she comes back with more foolery.

Author (and trust me I use that title loosely) E. L. James is set to release The 50 Shades of Grey: Inner Goddess (A Journal), whose journal I am not quite sure yet. This new work is to be a writer’s guide for aspiring writers. What lesson is she teaching? If you cheat like I did you will become just as successful as me! What really had me rolling on my living room floor after seeing this is she claims she will discuss what was her inspiration for the 50 Shades trilogy. I can save all of you money by giving you that answer myself, free of charge. That inspiration came from Twilight.

It amazes me that we have created a name for plagerism that is wrapped in a cute lil box with a pink bow on top called fan fiction. No matter how you package it, it’s still called stealing – period. She can’t convince me otherwise and I wouldn’t want her to. She is probably too busy stealing I mean writing something to care what little ol me is saying anyway.

Aren’t you curious? This inquiring mind is dying to know what could she possibly advise to writers. We will see soon enough I guess.

Peace and luv from yours truly,


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Runs In The Family

Husband of the women who claimed she created awl by her wuttle self 50 Shades of Gray has landed a book deal for his YA novel. Niall Leonard wrote the thriller during the NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month where you write a novel in 30 days). I am hoping this plagiarism hasn’t rubbed off on him considering his wife has took it upon herself to create some fan fiction, sell it as her own, then land a movie deal all in that order. Bitter? Hell yeah, I’ll digress tho.

Anywho Mr. Leonard might have more legitimacy than the wife since he is a UK tv show writer with several under his belt. The novel, called Crusher is about a 17 year old dropout whose stepfather is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect. Good luck to him.

Peace and luv!

What’s In A Name?

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone can publish a book these days. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Some would say that is the reason why these situations happen; I think the reason is something else which I’ll tell you after the jumpoff.

You know Nora Roberts right? The very well known writer? Well recently she became the victim of name stealing. A wanna-be writer is using the name Nora A Roberts to sell novels. It is even on the B&N’s bestsellers list! Tweeters who purchased the book began to realize that maybe this was not the real deal Hollyfield and they realized the name on the novel has a middle initial and that was when shit hit the fan! The whole incident got back to the real Nora Roberts and the seasoned writer had this to say,

I’ll state what’s in my name. Over 3 decades of hard work, of writing, of building an audience, of experience. All mine. And absolutely no one has the right to use my name with an added middle initial – to try to cash in on it.”

Well POW!

Crazy thing is when they changed the writer’s name to save face (they meaning the publisher) the alternative is the name of another bestselling writer! Seeing the name similarity didn’t raise red flags from jump?

Back to who is to blame. I think it’s the damn fan fiction! We have these common folk thinking it is cool to restructure their favorite book into how they like it then posting it on the internet or going a step farther and passing it off as their original work. It’s sick if you think about it.

If your name is similar to an already famous writer then 1) prepare to get flack for attempting to use that name to increase your popularity and book sales even if that is not your intention or 2) publish under an alias. Sucks I know but it’s better than the drama of being called a fake. But again I think the acceptance of this fan fiction (ahh-hm 50 Shades of Gray) is fucking it up for writers who have worked their asses off to get a top spot.

Do you have a similar name to a famous author and still published under that name? How do you feel about fan fiction?

Peace and luv!

Copy Cater!

The Twilight Saga (film series)

The Twilight Saga (film series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you heard of fan fiction? Apparently it has been around for a minute and has become a craze in the underground writing scene. Simply put it is when fans take a novel they love and rewrite it with alternate endings, characters, and so on. Afterwards they post the fan fiction online for others to read.

Ok, now that you know the generic version I’ll tell you how fan fiction relates to 50 Shades of Gray. When Twilight came out a fan of it named E. L. James took to rewriting the novel to her liking making it a steamier version of the Twilight novel but everything else is pretty much the same. She used the title Master of the Universe under the pseudo name Snowqueens Icedragon. It was taken down eventually, for what I’m not sure. Fast forward a few years and 50 Shades of Gray pops up on the scene. It becomes an instant hit. E.L. James became a household name then she lands a huge book deal with a publisher and they are in talks of turning the steamy novel into a movie already.

The publisher that has given her the book deal, when asked about the similarities between Master of the Universe and the Twilight series, they responded by saying there is no plagiarism. Thank god for plagiarism programs which is what a journalist did and it revealed 89% of 50 Shades of Gray were the same as Master of the Universe. It wouldn’t make a difference since she did copied….write Master of the Universe but considering it’s a copy of Twilight, I’m a little irritated.

What is going to happen when she writes another novel? (An original one!) Does she have the talent that will live up to the hype of her current watered down copy cat version of Twilight? Look if you wanna rewrite another version to your favorite novel do you but attempting to pass it on as original when clearly all you did was change the character’s names and make steamy sex scenes, is insulting to the original creator! And not once have anyone mentioned on these entertainment news programs or regular news programs about the fact that this whole thing was created because of a fan who wanted to spice up an already great novel! E.L. James is not the originator of erotica either but EVERYBODY wants to coin it as ‘mom porn’ and make it appear that this is a brand new concept. I’m not impressed boo I want to see more work from you! I luv to support writers but to be honest this heifa doesn’t deserve that title as of yet.

Peace and luv!

Now Erotica Hot Because of a Copy Version of Twilight?

Readercon 22: Fan Fiction and "Orginal Fi...

Readercon 22: Fan Fiction and "Orginal Fiction" (Photo credit: Ed Gaillard)

Fan fiction has been in my vocabulary for all of two days. Basically fan fiction is where a die-hard fan takes a literary work from their favorite author, remix it and market it as if it’s their own. They have created websites and blogs for this! One fan fiction in particular has caught everyone’s attention this week. 50 Shades of Grey is in high demand to the point that no one can find it. A few years ago a novel called Master of the Universe was published. The agent and publisher for 50 Shades of Grey argued the two are nowhere alike however the stories were administered through a plagiarism site and the result was that 89% of 50 Shades of Grey is dead on with the Master of the Universe novel. Yet the author gets a 7-figure deal.

What trips me out though is how now erotica is becoming hot all of a sudden because of this book, as if it didn’t exist until now. First off erotica has been around a long time. I coin Zane as the erotica Queen! She, along with a few other erotic authors, (erotica not romance) have been blazing for a minute but now some random copy cat publishes a plagiarized piece of work and now erotica is ‘in’? Did she invent it? Did I miss something? Can someone explain it to me?

I would really like to know what Zane thinks about it.

Peace and luv!