Life Effecting How You Look At Your Writing


I hear numerous writers speak on finding the motivation from within to write everyday because lets face it there will be days where you don’t feel like writing a damn thang.

What I wanna talk about is deeper than just having a bad day and deciding not to write. Let me ask you this, does your life outside of writing (i.e. relationships, friendships, job or lack thereof one, etc) effect how you view your writing? Now I know some of you are putting on your holier than thou pants saying you’re not a real writer if you allow your life situations to effect how you view or approach your writing. To you who think that go sit down somewhere, this post will be for my real people. If you haven’t noticed I’ve slacked on writing especially on this blog. To be honest it’s been because of my current situation. I’m not going to go into descriptive detail about what’s been going on but just know it was bad enough in my eyes to make me not feel the joy of storytelling. Call it me being depressed because when a person is they don’t feel like doing those simple joys of life. My question is can life change how you view your writing? Yes it can. I wish I can tell you differently but I gotta keep it 100. When you can’t feed your family, it effects how you view your writing. When there is a close death you question it. You get what I’m saying?

Have my situation changed? Obviously, if I’m writing again I feel slightly bad for letting it get to that point but my best advice is sometimes you have to step back and re-evaluate your shit until that passion comes back in a full fledge hustlin’ mode. You will be doing your fans a favor. They can tell when you’re not passionate about yours.

Peace and luv!

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J.K. Rowling Does Magic Trick With Debut Adult Novel

Must be nice to have so much clout as a writer that if you don’t want your story previewed by the public you do not have to and still be in demand. That is how J.K. Rowling, Ms Harry Potter herself, has it.

September 27th should be coined J.K. Rowling Day. Since letting everyone know she will be working on an adult genre fiction the buzz about it became vicious. How she is able to keep it wrapped up is beyond me with all the hackers and money hungry snitches within celebrity’s camps is beyond me.

Is she doing too much with keeping it under wraps?

There is some positive and negative aspects to this. Keeping the novel under CIA wraps creates a buzz like no other, but only if you are an established author, you cannot do that coming out unless you have a concept that is genius. The demand for the novel before its debut lets the author know how much fans love them. Two million copies have been put in print. Only fifteen people in the US have been special enough to view the book.

The downfall to this is the pressure to come with it. You suck and that can damage future sales and fans. Can she bring the phenomenal work that she did in the Harry Potter series to The Casual Vacancy? Technically she is considered a new author in this genre.

Something different about the debut is that ebooks will be available unlike before. She doe not care too much about that format, neither do I but looking at in a business light it is genius. Everybody has some kind of ereader so it is best to accomodate them. The e-version will be $19.99 while the physical format will be $35.

The Casual Vacancy will debut September 27th!

Peace and luv!

Sex, Money and Lists!

Evolution Erotica

Evolution Erotica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year erotica has steamed its way into plenty of fans’ hands. According to the Association of American Publishers digital adult fiction books are the dominant format. After collecting info from small to large publishers the numbers show that net sales revenues increased from $869 million in 2010 to $2.074 billion last year. I have a feeling a lot of babies will be born in about 9 months…lets get it on!

Speaking of erotica 4 out of 10 bestsellers this past week were erotica. Check it for yourself; here’s Amazon’s top 10 books of the week:

10.  Anything He Wants 2: All’s Fair by Sara Fawkes

9.   By His Desire by Kate Grey

8.   Bedding The Billionaire by Ruth Cardello

7.   Nerves of Steel by C.J. Lyons

6.   Easy by Tammara Webber

5.   Weekends Required by Sydney Landon

4.   Training Tessa by Lyla Sinclair

3.   Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

2.   Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

1.   Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Peace and luv!

4 Reasons You Should NEVER Sell Out As An Author

1.4 Billion Reasons presentation.

1.4 Billion Reasons presentation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rachelle Gardner on her blog at Book & Such Literacy Agency made an usual revelation. She of course would know more about what is hot or not in the writing business however as much as I respect her opinion I sure don’t have to agree with it.

In her post titled Write A Break-In Novel Rachelle advised new writers to worry more about a piece that will get you into people’s homes not collect dust at your home. “Don’t write the novel that makes you happy but doesn’t sell instead write one commercially predictable novel in order to get your foot in the door,” she states. To me that’s called selling out and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Some shit can really backfire if more writers become naive enough to adopt this mentality.

Curse of the sophomore project? Ok just to entertain myself and you say for instance you do come up with that commercially packaged manuscript, sell it and get a nice following. If you go by her theory and come out with a totally opposite 2nd novel you run the risk of losing fans that you worked hard to get. I’m not saying you’re not allowed but it makes no sense if your readers don’t feel authenticity.

Too many online outlets to not compromise and do what you’re passionate about. There are so many programs, sites, etc for you not to put out the work you want to. A big publisher dismisses your manuscript go the self publishing route. Keep your options open.

What’s the definition of ‘commercially predictable’ anyway? Whose to say my definition of commercially predictable is the same as agents and publishers? I’m not reaching for ish to complain about I’m being dead on serious.

Same run of the mill novels. The most obvious reason this theory will not work is everyone will start writing alike (actually they already do). The plots, the characters, beginnings and endings will all be too similar. As a writer you want to stand out in order to build your brand and fan base otherwise expect to blend right on in like a chameleon. I’ve said this before and I will continue to say it, the African American literary sections are filled with ‘drone’ novels. Street lit is sizzlin so up and coming writers are rewriting the same storyline. Only a few writers (Sister Souljah, K’wan comes to mind) can create an artistic urban novel and make it different, everybody else falls at the wayside. Half of them thought the same thing ‘if I can just get my foot in the door…’ Ha! How’s that working for you?

The world of novel writing and publishing is forever evolving and is very finicky. The next big thing is around the corner changing the game daily so it’s hard to say write what is hot right now in order to make some dollars. That is weakening your confidence in your own writing and becoming successful. I say don’t be a sellout, if you have a manuscript that is out of the norm but you believe in it find other ways to publish it. You better have a thick skin cause it won’t be easy but if the end result is a successful career in writing well then it’s worth hustlin’ hard for. But to sum it all up – NEVER SELL OUT!

Peace and luv!

A Genius Marketing Idea!

twitter y macworld

Authors are the most creative people I promise you. Come to think of if we have to be in order to come up with the crazy ish we create in our novels. I mean who else can get mad at someone, envision doing something terrible to them but instead of acting it out we put it in our novels and no one will know the wiser?

Nowadays writers have to go that extra mile to get noticed in the plethora of writers that come onto the scene at what seems like every 2 seconds. Non-writers think all writers do is sit around write and poof the book is developed like magic overnight when really it is not that easy. One writer has found a way to use social media to create his next novel.

Willy Chyr has created a way for his fans to become a part of his novel The Collabowriters. Creative people like yourself can write a sentence (in 140 characters or less) submit it and let fans vote. If your sentence gets 5 likes it will be included in the novel. The story is about, go figure, the internet. Before you come up with some random sentence of the top of your dome though please read what has been done so far which has been around four paragraphs. I have no idea how long it will be but I think that this is a great idea. My only question is will the contributors get some kind of compensation for it? Anywho hop on over to Twitter and follow the author @willchyr. And while you’re there follow me too if you haven’t done so @diamondp79, what’s taking you so long?

Peace and luv!

New York African Film Festival

Did you know there was an African Film Festival? Me neither. It has been around since 1998 apparently. Guess you can find out a lot on the internet.

On April 11th-17th at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and April-May at the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, Columbia University of African Studies, Maysles Cinema Institute and the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s BAMcinematek the works that artistically show Africa and the Diaspora will be displayed. Fans and future fans will get to see the works from filmmakers, visual arts, critics, scholars and master chefs.

The theme for the festival is 21st Century: The Homecoming. They intend to shorten the bridge between Africans and African Americans – home and the homeland. The festival will mark the 100th anniversary of the African National Congress and the 50th anniversary of independence for Algeria, Burundi, Jamaica, Rwanda and Uganda. The life of President Obama thru his half sister will be seen on film. It won the Viewer’s Choice Award last year at the African International Film Festival and the Festival Founders Award.

African cinema was born in the same year as the New York Film Festival, 1963, and it’s always been a source of great pleasure and pride for me that for 50 years our programs have provided a vital showcase for the best in African filmmaking,” says Film Society of Lincoln Center Program director Richard Pena.

Check for dates and times.

Peace and luv!

BEA Expansion

Book Expo America one of the largest publishing trade show might be turning over a new leaf. Well….maybe, book lovers keep your fingers crossed on this one. Rumor has it that starting in 2013 BEA will allow fans into parts of the expo! They will only have a Saturday to enjoy it but I still think this is a great idea. True fans will get access to upcoming authors debuting soon and see upcoming work from their favorite author as well. Can you see the potential networking opportunities that can come out of that? Access before anyone else? Luv it! Now if I can just find a way to get to it I’ll be cool.

Authors’ book sales would see an increase if consumers are able to go to this event. There are critics (there always are) who are not so fond of the possible change saying it will be ‘all about the authors instead of the industry itself’ well newsflash if there are no authors there is no BEA. Change is sometimes good especially when it comes to your brand/business. Another point addressed is that people will come in expecting free books if they are there. They will take all of the concerns and figure out something I’m sure; however I do hope they allow this to happen. What do you think about the new idea? Have anyone ever attended a BEA show? I would love to hear about because I never went to one.

Peace and luv!