Union & Guild Resources

I haven’t told you but I’ve given up on freelance writing. I haven’t had much success as long as I have been pursuing it I should have had more success and I haven’t. Back to the 9-5 situation which is driving me crazy but one must digress and handle business. I’m not saying you can’t have that success. Hey if you’ve found a way let me and my readers know about it maybe it is something we haven’t tried yet. In the meantime for those who deal with it 24/7 I’m for sure the issues of pay and health insurance is a concern for you, trust me pay was on mine. So MediaBistro has compiled a list of resources from the union and guild. Have you joined any of them?

Authors Guild
Writers Guild of America east/west
Newspaper Guild
Boston NWU Chapter
Chicago NWU Chapter
Freelancers Union
LA NWU Chapter
NY NWU Chapter
Pacific Northwest NWU Chapter
Philadelphia NWU Chapter
S.F. Bay Arena NWU Chapter
Santa Cruz/Monterey NWU Chapter
Southeast Michigan NWU Chapter
Tucson NWU Chapter
Twin Cities NWU Chapter
Washington DC NWU Chapter
Western New England NWU Chapter

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Can They Do That?

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PayPal is the leading service that allows consumers to pay for products, employees to pay for products, employees to receive payroll checks or to send payments. You can’t really find a website that sells anything and doesn’t have the PayPal logo on it. Freelance writers really know what I’m talking about because that is how we usually get paid.

Does a company that only know about money have a right to threaten another company to pull products off their site? Confused? Here, let me tell you why I asked. At the beginning of the year PayPal started harassing SmashWords (an online publishing website) attempting to make SmashWord pull novels off their site that had to deal with rape, incest or bestiality. These threats intensified as days went on. PayPal allegedly pulled their service off author’s sites without warning. This caught the attention of the National Coalition Against Censorship and the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression. With the two organizations on their side it was impossible for PayPal to continue threatening the online site. The owner of SmashWords got together with a rep from PayPay and they settled with a revised policy both of them can agree on. Neither party is revealing the revised policy as of yet. Do you think that is fair for PayPal to do that? I think that when you have a business like that you have to expect there may be companies that you may not like or agree with what they are selling. I don’t think they have that right and I think that SmashWords should sue. But that’s my opinion.

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TheGrio Wants You!

Uncle Sam BW

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TheGrio have left a blazing trail behind them as they pass other news sites geared toward the black community. Their media coverage and timely way of getting the news out faster to its readers is very impressive. They are professional, informative and interesting on all levels and they are only getting better. Here is your opportunity to be apart of this great news site.

TheGrio.com is searching for filmmakers and freelancers that have a true passion for African American life. They want their candidate to be able to produce great stories with strong characters, to get vivid photo driven stories from a Black perspective and if you got connects like that to get interviews with celebs then they really want you. If you have what it takes to be apart of this team and is ready to have your work viewed by no less than 2.5 million viewers each month visit. TheGrio.com and get the info needed to apply for the position. Good luck!

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