Mash up Mondays are back! Whatever is trending in the writing scene whether it be a writing competition, conference, tech ish or a celebrity new release I got you covered. If you know of anything delicious enough to dish about put them in the comments pleaz and thank you.

Well here we go!

Husband and Wife Duo Writes a Chikdren’s Book


Pop diva Mariah Carey and her black version of Ryan Seacrest husband Nick Cannon will be releasing a children’s novel this fall. It will be a remix to the old school version of 12 Days of Christmas with the main characters being their own children Roc and Roe. That’s all their giving out about it but I’m sure more info is around the block.

Writing Contest for Teens

Author Donna Labermeier is hosting a writing contest just for teens to encourage literacy. I love the whole concept of improving literacy. I also love that opportunities like this gives aspiring young writers a chance to perfect their craft early because not many things was available when I was younger. But anywho..

Fight for Teen Literacy will award 6 winners with prize money for themselves as well as their school library. Teenagers must read the author’s book then react to it by writing a song, making a film or any creative way. Go on The Healers Trilogy Facebook page by Feb. 16th to enter. Good luck.

Annual Competition Getting in High Gear

Another legendary contest is getting underway. It’s the Annual Competition from Writers Digest. Genres being accepted are: inspirational writing, memoirs, magazine feature article, genre short story, literacy short story, poetry, stage play, television/movie scripts and children’s/YA fiction.

Enter by either online or print the form out. The early bird deadline is May 5th. A grand prize winner will receive a lot of ish including: $3000, meeting with editors/agents, paid trip to WD conference, a year subscription to WD eBooks and a thirty minute consultation with Chuck Sambuchino.

Did I miss anything?

Peace and luv!

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A Non-Word is Word Of the Year?

Now I know why we have literacy issues here in America because of this idiocy right here.

The 2012 Word of the Year was recently released. Wanna know what it is? GIF. No seriously that is the word they chose.

Can I ask you something since we are all friends here? What the hell is a GIF? I have written articles on them and I still do not know what they are or their purpose. Another thing, I may not be the smartest person in the world but last time I checked GIF is not a legit word. Who in the world was on that committee Snoop Dogg and his son after a smoke out session? Bill Cosby had it right when he said kids are so used to the abbreviations used for Twitter and texting they have started talking like that. Instead of actually laughing they will just say LOL and keep it moving.

Technology is beautiful only when used to better life but please people use some common sense….GIF is not a word just like your iPhones are not parents, and cursive should still be taught in schools! No wonder China is smarter, we have become such a lazy society!

Your thoughts on the non-word beating all other actual words?

Peace and luv!

Wee Bee Books

Once you learn to read you will be forever free
                      -Frederick Douglass

Those are the inspiring words quoted on http://www.weebeebooks.com Wee Bee Books is a literary website geared toward providing books specifically for african american kids. From the pictures they put in their books to problems or issues that may come up in our households their mission is to address the needs in our communities head on and not watered down by some commercial corporation but all in a positive way.

The kid and parent friendly website offers reading materials for pretty much everything such as The Going To Bed Book and Just Like You. Informative statistics keeps parents in the know on literacy around the school systems. They highlight students who have improved reading scores in school boosting confidence in the child.

Sign up for their newsletter to be on top of educational games, links, and resources. Please get a head start on your child’s future.

Peace and luv!

All Hollows Read

Instead of candy this year how about passing out scary books? Ok that might not go so well for the kiddies. For the 2nd year in a row All Hallows Read will put a twist to Halloween. Created by Neil Gaiman All Hallows Read is to inspire and strengthen literacy in our country. He wants people to get excited about reading again.

So the week of the deliciously wicked holiday you can gift a scary book, comic, ebook to simeone you care about. It can come from your own stash, the library or a brand spankin new one.

I like this idea, if we associate reading with fun and not just something kids do in their boring ol classroom (sorry teachers) kids would read more in return excelling in other areas of academics. Visit http://www.allhallowsread.com to download a poster you can print out and watch the short cute video from Neil Gaiman himself.

Peace and luv!

Better World Books

Better World Books book drive box

Better World Books book drive box (Photo credit: carmichaellibrary)

Who said one person can’t impact a society. It took some caring young men to see the illiteracy problem all over and feel compelled enough to do something about it by creating Better World Books.

It’s sad because I see so many kids in my neighborhood who can recite a Waka Flocka joint word for word but put a book in front of them and they can’t read a lick. Doesn’t that bother everybody? Did we become that desensitized?

These dudes went farther than what I have done which was ask how they can change this problem. They didn’t wait around for the government to fix the problem they put a hand in it themselves. That is where BWB comes in. BWB sells new and used books online then donates the money to literacy programs all over. Get this, their core values are:

  • we luv books
  • flabbergast our customers
  • invest well, waste not
  • lead the movement
  • speak through action
  • be passionate
  • pursue growth and learning
  • be genuine
  • embrace change
  • respect our team

That really should be everyone’s values in all they do. So far BWB has raised well over 7.6 million dollars for their nonprofit literacy partners (Room For Africa, Worldfund and National Center for Family Literacy),over 2300 college campuses have helped with collecting new and used books. 58 million books have turned into 10.4 million dollars assisting numerous literacy programs! The concept is simple with every book purchase from the site BWB donates one book to a person in need with free shipping. There are drop boxes but only in the states of Indiana and Georgia. If you can’t get to one then you can request for them to send you a paid mailing label to ship the donating books to them. To get a quote simply go no their website and thre is a form to fill out the ISBN numbers.

Another option is to become an affiliate thru your site or blog and help end illiteracy. Every sale you refer you receive 5-8%. All you need to do is fill out the application to get the start process rolling.

One more thing there is a LEAP program (Literacy and Education in Action Program) that also raises money for nonprofit organizations and libraries. So my to you is question how will you help today?

Peace and luv!

Dollar General Does More Than Sell Inexpensive Products

Dollar General

Dollar General (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you aware of some of the businesses in your area and what they do for their communities? Here’s one you may not know about but by the end of this you will have some idea of what this foundation does.

Dollar General is doing more than selling products for $1. They are concerned about education and giving not only kids but adults a chance to read and learn especially when society may have let them down. It always help when the stores you shop at gives a percentage of their proceeds back to communities that are in need. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation has grant programs for just about everyone. Check out the ones they offer to see if maybe your organization or school can benefit from.

  • Adult Literary Grants award funding to nonprofit organizations to provide services to adults in need of literary assistance if the organization provide these to adults: adult basic education, GED preparation and English language acquisition
  • Beyond Words: The Dollar General School Library Relief Program assist with libraries that is recovering from disasters
  • Family Literacy Grantsprovides funding for family service providers. Organizations must be achieving this for their participants: adult education instruction, children’s education, parent/child together time, parenting classes
  • Youth Literacy Grantsprovides funding to schools, public libraries and nonprofit organizations in helping students who are below grade level. They help by implementing new or expanding existing literacy programs, purchasing new technology equipment to support literacy initiatives and purchasing books, materials, software for literacy programs. The deadline for this grant is May 16th and the winner is announced on Aug. 24th. The maximum amount for the grant is $4000
  • The Summer Reading Grant provides funding to local nonprofit organizations/libraries to help implement or expand existing summer reading programs. They have to target Pre-K thru 12th graders who are new, below or have a learning disability.

Peace and luv!

National Library Week Events

Library at the De La Salle College of Saint Be...

Reading is fundamental. You remember that from House Party? Wow, that is really showing my age but anyway literacy is an important topic. A lot of school systems are falling below the standards the state has required, students who don’t have the technology or the love from someone who cares are sitting on the curb while others are excelling making their confidence level decrease. Did you know that April is School Library Month? Here are some activities that are going down within the next couple of days.

April – School Library Month

April 4th-11th – National Library Week 6 Word Story Contest

April 9th – 2012 State of America’s Report Released

April 10th – National Library Workers Day

April 11th – National Bookmobile Day

April 12th – Support Teen Literature Day

Check what’s going on in your neighborhood library and don’t forget to show your appreciation to your favorite librarian.

Peace and luv!