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Evolution Erotica

Evolution Erotica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year erotica has steamed its way into plenty of fans’ hands. According to the Association of American Publishers digital adult fiction books are the dominant format. After collecting info from small to large publishers the numbers show that net sales revenues increased from $869 million in 2010 to $2.074 billion last year. I have a feeling a lot of babies will be born in about 9 months…lets get it on!

Speaking of erotica 4 out of 10 bestsellers this past week were erotica. Check it for yourself; here’s Amazon’s top 10 books of the week:

10.  Anything He Wants 2: All’s Fair by Sara Fawkes

9.   By His Desire by Kate Grey

8.   Bedding The Billionaire by Ruth Cardello

7.   Nerves of Steel by C.J. Lyons

6.   Easy by Tammara Webber

5.   Weekends Required by Sydney Landon

4.   Training Tessa by Lyla Sinclair

3.   Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

2.   Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

1.   Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Peace and luv!


What Goes Bump In…Ellora’s Cave

Erotica is on a serious rise especially since 50 Shades of Gray came out although it’s not really an original work. I don’t consider taking someone’s story changing a few character’s names and maybe a scene or two a novel. That’s just my way of thinking. Regardless tho more women are embracing the freaky side of themselves and some have sat down and started to write an erotic novel.

Ellora’s Cave is a publisher of romantica. Pretty much any part of that genre (and there are a lot of different levels one can write in) this publishing house will work with. The imprints are Pricked (stories revolving around tattoos, tattoo artists), Hex Appeal (stories about wanton witches, lusty warlocks and spells), Ball and Chain (stories on couples needing spice in their bedroom) and On The Hunt (stories based on bounty hunters).

To submit send a professional cover email, detailed synopsis (2-5 pgs), first 3 chapters and final chapter in an attachment to

What they DON’Twant is

Erotica 2009

Erotica 2009 (Photo credit: eat more toast)

pedophilia, incest, rape, bodily functions as sexual activities (doo-doo), necrophilia, guns, knives or other weapons stuffed in various parts of the female anatomy or bestiality.

Peace and luv!

No Memoir For Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison, on jacket of her Pulitzer Prize...

Toni Morrison, on jacket of her Pulitzer Prize winning novel Beloved. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are only a few literary greats around now. Everyone wants to write a book these days but no one ever wants to take the time and actually write something good. Standards have went down tremendously. Looking at the writing industry as a whole it’s kind of disappointing. Hardly anyone wants to learn the craft, or take time to understand what makes a novel literary worthy, or just take it seriously if anything. Writing has become just a side hustle instead of a passion. This lady…my bad, intelligent and creative sistah who breathes art into every word she blesses on paper is a genuine writer. Writing is her God-given talent. This is strictly my opinion but a great author has the ability to create art with words. Toni Morrison is blessed with that ability. She honestly makes writing seem effortless. I’ve always said ink is my blood; I think if you cut her open you will find the same thing there too. Many would love to know more about this intelligent sistah (including me) but to all who were impatiently waiting for Toni’s memoir uncross those fingers and exhale that breath you’ve been holding because it will not be written. Toni was so close to writing it she signed a deal with a publisher but backed out because she says, “My life is really not that interesting.” Come on, the first African American woman to win a Nobel prize and you’re not interesting?

I get it though. I can’t speak for Toni Morrison but as a writer of fiction I do know we are always in our own heads. We create such fascinating stories that readers think that we have this big adventurous life but that’s not always true. That’s probably why we create these outlandish stories. I come up with some mind boggling ish that have me trippin and questioning my own sanity. Put it this way my daughter has more of a social life than I do…for real she does and she’s only 13!

Another thing is not every celebrity love the limelight. Maybe she doesn’t want to share that aspect with anyone and I can totally respect that. For her fans though Ms. Morrison will have a new novel that I’m for sure will be on the bestseller’s list for a long time out in May. It will be called Home and it’s about a Korean War veteran who comes back to a racist America.

Recently Toni Morrison visited her hometown and spoke to some students. One of the advice she gave was,

People say to write about what you know. I’m here to tell you, no one wants to read that cause you don’t know anything. So write about something you don’t know. And don’t be scared – ever.

Great advice. That’s the way of life, you’re not fully living if you’re stagnant.

Peace and luv!

Now Erotica Hot Because of a Copy Version of Twilight?

Readercon 22: Fan Fiction and "Orginal Fi...

Readercon 22: Fan Fiction and "Orginal Fiction" (Photo credit: Ed Gaillard)

Fan fiction has been in my vocabulary for all of two days. Basically fan fiction is where a die-hard fan takes a literary work from their favorite author, remix it and market it as if it’s their own. They have created websites and blogs for this! One fan fiction in particular has caught everyone’s attention this week. 50 Shades of Grey is in high demand to the point that no one can find it. A few years ago a novel called Master of the Universe was published. The agent and publisher for 50 Shades of Grey argued the two are nowhere alike however the stories were administered through a plagiarism site and the result was that 89% of 50 Shades of Grey is dead on with the Master of the Universe novel. Yet the author gets a 7-figure deal.

What trips me out though is how now erotica is becoming hot all of a sudden because of this book, as if it didn’t exist until now. First off erotica has been around a long time. I coin Zane as the erotica Queen! She, along with a few other erotic authors, (erotica not romance) have been blazing for a minute but now some random copy cat publishes a plagiarized piece of work and now erotica is ‘in’? Did she invent it? Did I miss something? Can someone explain it to me?

I would really like to know what Zane thinks about it.

Peace and luv!

Literary Events This Week

  1. Wine and a good conversation sounds like the perfect date doesn’t it? Tuesday March 13th at 7p three writers will host the Pen Parentis Literary series at the Thompson Hotel.
  2. Here comes the bride! The Moth’s Story Slam session will talk about marriage on March 13th in New York
  3. Wednesday March 14th at 7p at the Tosca Cafe film critic David Thomson and columnist Geoff Dyer will host a conversation for Litquake.
  4. Six YA writers will talk about Great Teen Reads for Spring at Books of Wonder Sunday March 18th at 1p.
  5. Steve Light will host a reading event for Trains & Trucks Go! where fans can also paint along while he reads. It will be at the PowerHouse Arena on Sunday March 18th at 3p in Brooklyn.

Peace and luv!

Writer’s Digest

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: secretagent007)

WD is the mecca for writers to go and network, get inspired and improve their skills thru webinars. There is always some kind of offers.

If you are looking for an agent or publisher, need advice on query letters, pitching stories or guidance look into WD’s How To Land an Agent and Get Published Premium Collection.

In it contains these series:

  • How to Land a Literary Agent Webinar. Chuck Sambuchino teaches you how to attract and keep an agent. $99
  • How to Target Agents and Editors (onDemand Webinar). Owner of Greyhaus Literary Agency Scott Eagen explains what a niche is. $89
  • 2nd Draft Critique Services. 1 pg query letter. Get it reviewed before sending it off. $39
  • How Do I Find An Agent? (eBook) Focuses on finding an agent hosted by author Jane Friedman. $5.99
  • 2012 Guide To Literary Agents (paperback). Features current submission and contact info on literary agents. $29.99
  • Get An Agent (digital). Guide to getting that book deal. $9.99
  • How Do Editors and Agents Decide (onDemand webinar). Rachelle Gardner teaches you how to get a writer platform. $79.00
  • The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters (paperback). Detailed examples of all types of queries. $14.99

All can be purchased together or seperately thru Writer’s Digest’s website! Take advantage. I already purchased Get An Agent I’ll let you know how it was.

Peace and luv!

2nd Annual Facebook Urban Literary Awards

I am extremely late. I did not know how many writing groups and authors Facebook has. In the last month or so I have connected with a lot of them, networking my ass off. I luv it! However I found out about this new awards after they made their list of authors and bloggers. This just means I have to put in work this year so next year I will be in one of these categories. Ambition has taken the keys and took over driving, watch out now! Pitbull in stilettos coming thru!

In the meantime I’ll support my fellow authors and authoresses by voting. Prodigy Publishing Group is the one who started these awards last year and they are back again. This go round 40 people affluent in the publishing industry put their heads together and came up with the categories. Some example categories with the nominees are:

Independent Urban Publishing House of The Year

  • Delphine Press
  • A New Quality Publishing
  • G Street Chronicles
  • Life Changing Books
  • Peace In The Storm
  • Cartel Publications
  • Urban Books

Debut Author of The Year

  • Raynesha Pittman
  • Fabiola Joseph
  • Envy Red
  • Shakara Cannon
  • Elizabeth Funderbirk
  • Kai Storm
  • Cha’bella Don

Wanna see the whole list and vote? Visit the Prodigy Publishing Group’s Facebook page or website. Good luck nominees! Winners will be announced on a blog radio show and voting is open until Feb. 17th.

Peace and luv!

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