Shonda Rhimes Lands a Book Deal


I wanna be this woman when I grow up I swear. She’s such an inspiration to writers and women in general. As if we can’t get enough of her Shonda Rhimes will be relasing a memoir sometime in the year 2015 (yes we will have to wait that long). It will touch on her life as a single mother wanting and creating a successful career in the media. If you don’t know about this brilliant lady she is the first African American woman to create and executive produce a top 10 network series. She’s won plenty of accolades for her career like a Golden Globe, several NAACP Image Awards, Television Producer of the Year from the Producers Guild of America, a Lucy Award for Excellence in Television and a GLAAD Golden Gate award. I am actually excited about this memoir. I normally don’t get down with memoirs and biographies but I’ll check this one out.

Peace and luv!

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Rap artist to release novel

The Safe Is Cracked

Prodigy from Mobb Deep

Boy I tell you I need to start pitching to celebrities because co-authoring is where it is at! Co-authoring? I really meant you write while the celebrity sit back and wait for you to get done so they can put their name on it too. Don’t think I am hatin I’m just stating facts. I do want to know if the real author gets paid more than the celebrity? They did do more apparently they do because no one has yet to come forward and snitch on the process. But back to what artist is doing a book.

One half of the rap group Mobb Deep, Prodigy is dipping into the writing scene for the second time; yes second because he did a memoir with another writer for that project too. This one he linked with a British fantasy novelist Steven Savile to create H.N.I.C. (you already know what that mean I don’t need to explain). It is suppose to be a fast paced crime drama that is set to peer into the dark heart that underpins the codes of loyalty, friendship, betrayal and vengeance!

Expect H.N.I.C. to be released on July 16th thru Prodigy’s publishing imprint Infamous Books. Maybe he is serious and for all of you who just wanna hear him back in the studio there will an album releasing June 11th.

Honestly how do you feel about rappers writing?

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Godfather of Rap Dropping a Memoir

Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, Scarface, will be dropping a memoir for the fall in 2014. Around the same time he will also be dropping an album, brotha is hustlin! And he’s back! His executive editor Mark Chait snagged the deal with It Books. He says the memoir is,

“….an eloquent take on southern rap.”

           -source: mediabistro

Well we can’t wait for it to come out. Any hip hop head will appreciate it and be excited about this.

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This Girl Is On Fire!

I feel bad because I honestly didn’t know miss thang had a first book. Gymnast, gold medalist, actress and now author Gabby Douglas is set to release another memoir next month. This one will go into more detail about her life after the Olympics and how even though she views herself as a regular teen, everybody else does not. It is hard to remember that she is just a teen. When I see her doing interviews she is so poised and classy, intelligent and humbled. That is a true product of how her mama raised her.

The memoir will be called Raising the Bar. Buy it for you and if you have a daughter, sister, aunt whatever buy it for them too. We unfortunately don’t have enough positive role models anymore.

Oh and Gabby, stay keeping on fire!

Peace and luv!

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All Of These Years & Now The Victim Speaks

Hollywood is literally an addictive drug. Only a few can say they have come out of it unscathed but most cannot say that. What is even saddee is the fact that society fuels the fire to the foolery that goes on in Hollywood! We congratulate and condone behavior that is supposed to be unacceptable. Look at Charlie Sheen. This alcoholic, misogynistic, abusive, cocky s.o.b. openly admitted to using loads of coke on national tv and we are so cool with that. He didn’t get arrested or have the kids taken out of his custody, instead the babies were watched by some pornstars! Really? On top of that this fool gets a tv show fittingly called Anger Managment. When did beating women, doing coke and raising kids with pornstars become the norm? Did I miss that email?

Them there is Roman Polanski. My mouth literally dropped when I heard about this situation. How does this happen? Must be nice to have that kind of clout, money and friends in high places. In ’77 Polanski was indicted on six criminal counts for having sex with a 13 year old in actor Jack Nicholson’s home. Jack and his girlfriend at the time did testify against Mr. Polanski. Shortly after he escaped (like they didn’t see that coming) and resided his happy ass in Paris….oh but get this he still directed blockbusting movies! Authorities said they did not feel the need to go get him and bring him back to the States. That right there is literally a slap in the victim’s face.

Speaking of the victim, she is finally coming out with a memoir telling her side to the situation. Samantha Geimer will release a memoir in the fall of next year called The Girl: Emerging from the Shadow of Roman Polanski.

“I am more than Sex Victim Girl a tag the media pinned on me. My friends in jr high were scolded by their parents to stay away from that girl also labeled me.”

This is what she said in the press release Samantha issued. Friends closest to her were told to stay away but I bet those same parents paid to go see Roman Polanski directed movies.

I’m imtrigued by this story to the point where I am going to do a little research on it. I definitely want to check the book out!

On another note why in the world did Nicki Minaj coined that name as one of her egos? Another example of glorifying foolishness!

Peace and luv!

Who Knew?

English: Former President of Iraq, Saddam Huss...

English: Former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, makes a point during his initial interview by a special tribunal, where he is informed of his alleged crimes and his legal rights. Deutsch: der ehemalige Präsident des Irak, Saddam Hussein, bei seiner Stellungnahme während seiner ersten Hörung vor dem Sondertribunal, bei der er über die Anklagepunkte und seine Rechte informiert wurde. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that Saddam Hussein was an author? Yeah I’m trippin too! Learn something new everyday. Well supposedly Saddam Hussein wrote and published four novels. Zabibah and the King, The Fortified Castle, Men and the City and Begone, Demons (Really Hussein, Demons? How Ironic.). He also dabbled in poetry. Before his death he wrote a memoir by hand and some of it consisted of interviews he did before his trial and execution. His sister is trying to shop around to different publishing houses to publish her brother’s literary (lol) work. I’m dying to see if someone is going to bite. Would you read it?

Peace and luv!

Too Soon?

BeBe Winans

When is it the right time for a book about a deceased celebrity be published? Earlier this year the world lost one of the most prolific artist of our time. It was put out that a good friend of Ms Houston will be writing a book on his relationship with the songstress. BeBe Winans’ speech during her funeral definitely was moving and genuine. They met 26 years ago and have been close ever since. He said he has many great memories with Ms. Houston that he would love to share with the world.

I personally do not think BeBe Winans should write this memoir. Just from his eulogy I do not believe that if he writes it his intentions will be malicious however I feel that his beautiful memories of Whitney Houston should remain that – just memories. I get that he may want Whitney to be remembered in a positive light instead of what everyone else visualize her to have been (an addict) but even if he writes this book there is a strong possibility that the media will take a snippet of something innocent and twist it to something negative for entertainment purposes. Whitney Houston has been dragged thru the mud enough even before her body was buried.

Maybe this is his way of healing since everyone grieves differently but wouldn’t you wanna hold onto those sacred moments for yourself? The release date has not been set nor the name of the memoir, we’ll see what happens.

Peace and luv!