Street Lit is Heating Up My Charts Again


To my new readers I started out writing street lit before it hit the stores and before I knew what it really was. It was what I saw in my own neighborhood. Then life happened and I stopped writing altogether. Once I started my passion again I began to read it again I had a huge wake up call. Street lit had become garbage. Bad repetition, cliches, terrible editing and so on laced these so called street lit books and I denounced street lit out of my life and challenged myself to write other genres which I enjoy by the way. I didn’t even want to touch a book. As a writer I didn’t understand how in the hell these books were coming out, it was making us real writers look bad as hell. Something changed. I started reading street lit again because I saw so many people talk about it and I was back hooked again. I have been even motivated enough to wanna write a street lit novel again. I’ve been having a concept in my head for the last two weeks and I am thinking about writing it during next month’s NaNoWriMo event. I have to first finish Dear Daddy. I will let you know the details later but a bish is geeked up about this. Have you read any street lit lately? Holla at me if you have so I can check it out. Peace and luv!

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Let me tell you a little secret. Don’t tell anyone alright? Ok. I have a slight problem with deadlines. Take for instance this novel I am writing, I want so bad to have it finished and published by December. Well my ass haven’t finished the first draft yet. Now I’ve learned my lesson with my first novel that I published a few years ago not to rush a product just to say I am an official author so that is why I’m taking my time to give you a great product however it’s still taking me a minute to finish this great story. I read this website who is offering a free way to stay on your writing grind. It’s called Pacemaker and I checked it out and it is something you should check it yourself. It’s simple, just fill out your word count goal, when you want it done and you’re basically done. How hard is that? You will have something to motivate you to write daily. NaNoWriMo is coming up so you will need all the help you can get. Visit to get started.

Peace and luv! 

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Stay up on your literary events

Get out your iPhones or Android phone because I have a few events you need to check out. I mean that is why I am here right?

This upcoming Tuesday agents from New Leaf Literary will be on Twitter at 2p PST time giving advice to writers on what they look for in potential clients. So prepare those questions or comments because you never know. Tell your non-writing friends and fam not to text, call or DM you during this time cause you will be about your hustle and they are going to have to go somewhere, you’re busy. Use the hashtag #NaNoNewLeaf to dive into the conversation.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, the 3rd Annual Pitchapalooza is approaching. Email your pitch to If you win you can get introduced to an agent.

Keeping on the subject of pitches the PitchSlam is coming too, right after the Writer’s Digest conference. Literary agents will be in the building from every genre. You will get 90 seconds to introduce yourself, pitch idea and sell the idea. Immediate feedback is at your service, I just hope you are not terrible or otherwise be in for an awkward moment. It can on the other hand get you further into the door of their office and a contract.

Last event I need to let you know about. MediaBistro will start hosting book club parties four times a year. First one will be held on April 2nd. Four lucky winners will be choosen to speak at the event. It’s free to register but interested writers need to submit their work a month before the event, they will be notified two weeks before party. Deadline for the April event is March 1st. Did I mention that it’s free to register? Making sure you remember. Visit for full details. Hope these helped you relight the spark inside of you.

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Put Your Finished NaNoWriMo Novel Into the Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest

Since you have that 50,000+ words novel why not enter it into the Breakthrough Novel Contest?

Between January 14th to the 27th Amazon will accept manuscripts in the fiction, romance, mystery/thriller, science fiction/fantasy/horror and YA fiction. The grand prize? A publishing contract with Amazon Publishing AND $50,000! Four other winners will also receive a publishing contract and a $15,000 advance.

Here’s how to enter: go to to read over all of the guidelines and small print then set up an account (don’t worry it’s free). Next create a bomb pitch letter up to 300 words describing your tantalizing book.

Simple enough huh?

Publisher Weekly will also lend their expertise in the contest by giving reviews. So get your ish together….oh did I tell you they will shut the contest down after receiving 10,000 entries?

Peace and luv!

You Survived NaNoWriMo….Now What?

Have you recovered from all of that celebrating you did over the weekend for surviving NaNoWriMo? Good because your ass will need to have a clear head for what you are about to do next. If you are not quite there, just pop an aspirin and wake up, brush your teeth, all of that necessary stuff.

Hopefully you had a plan for once November was over and even if you did not have one you can still devise a plan. I’m not here to tell you what plan that should be because I do not know what you wrote nor do I know what you expect out of completing this novel. But I do have some simple advice you can take on your journey….you ready?

Think then act!!!!!

I have a slight problem whenever I have an idea sometimes I don’t write it down or act on it right away which then makes the idea end up not coming to life.

See the difference between a successful writer and a wishful thinking one is that the successful writer immediately acted on their idea. So now that you have this completed manuscript in your hand where’s your editor? Designer? How are you planning on marketing it? My point is whatever you decide to do immediately do the first step, this will increase the chances of completing the project. If you absolutely cannot then when you get a chance do the first step! Don’t let all those long November nights of typing and creating go to waste.

Peace and luv!

Keeping Word Count Or Stick With Intuition?

What is your method for completing a novel? Do you live for the amount of words a day you write or do you focus more on the technicality, intuition part? I’ve never been one for the counting game. Even with this NaNoWriMo thing the numbers game works my nerves. Just because you completed a novel that is 50,000 does not mean anything. You can have 50,000+ words of bullshit. I still write a substantial amount each day however I focus on the quality of my work.

Poor job…

Writing based on word count makes you write any kind of ish just to make the daily quota. Your first draft usually sucks but why add more unneccessary garbage to the mix?

Give it up…

Quite a few authors (not all) will become discouraged if they don’t get to their daily word count goals. I shouldn’t write anymore becomes their mantra.

So what do you like to do? A little of both? Let me know.

Peace and luv!

Avon Wants Your Romance Novel

I guess Avon was not playin’ they really are trying to get into this publishing thing. I have mentioned before that Avon linked up with HarperCollins to create an imprint called Avon Impulse, perfect name by the way. They are looking for writers and they could not have picked a perfect time to start their search.

When us NaNoWriMo writers come out of our caves and back into the light called life clutching our bestselling work of art Avon will be on the other side with open hands to accept any romance novels. Yes romance not my cup of tea but I know some of my readers are blazing a trail in that area so listen up. We are talking about that mushy, Fabio kind of romance that Lifetime likes to play all day every day stuff. Avon Impulse is doing their rendition of NaNoWriMo called National Romance Writing Month.

Anywhoo….several editors will be available on to speak to any romance novelists, maybe if this is successful they will make it an annual thing. I mean no pressure right? You already have been stressing enough to write a whole movel in 30 days what more can we spring on you? You will be alright, just woosai it out and you will be fine. Happy writing!

Peace and luv!