Books to Check Out

Haven’t given this to you in awhile. Here is the self published bestsellers list for the week of August 26th.


Raising Ryann – Alyssa Rae Taylor
Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken
Stripped – Jasinda Wilder
Dust – Hugh Howey
Freefall – Tess Oliver


Freefall – Tess Oliver
Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken
Stay With Me – Samantha Chase
Faithful – Kelly Elliott
Into the Deep – Samantha Young


Heller’s Decision – JD Nixon
Rock Chick Revolution – Kristen Ashley
Chasing Paradise – Pamela Ann
Natural Consequences – Elliott Kay
Fate of the Kinunir – Robert E. Vardeman

Go ahead and add these to your lists if you haven’t already.

Peace and luv!

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Literary agency taking it to the next level


I am always on the look out for new literary agents/punlisher to bring to you and I found one that is a tad bit different than others currently.

Literary agents Laurie McLean, Gordon Warnock and Pam van Hylckama Ulieg have teamed up to create an agency named Foreword Literary.

If you’re worked with an agent you know what they do to get the best deals for their clients. Foreward Literary not only will do the job of regular agents but also expand their services to self publishers, designers, app creators, web series developers, producers and more. Sounds like something to check into.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia

Your 2013 Hustle (part 1)

What are your writing goals for next year? I say goals instead of resolutions because no one ever takes resolutions seriously. Anywhoo, the great thing about goals is that you don’t have to wait until Jan. 1st to start implementing the steps to achieve them. Let me start you off with a few goals you might want to start with.

Do you suffer from incomplete-itis or incompletephobia? Basically you have a problem with finishing your stories. I have it bad so I need to listen to my own advice too. If you suffer from any of these I suggest you make it a point to finish EVERY literary project for 2013! You don’t have to like the project however finishing it will build a discipline in you that will help down the line. Create mini steps to complete them if you easily get overwhelmed by large projects. Focus on completing one chapter a week, month whatever only then keep it moving until it is finished. I just downloaded an app called ActionMethod to my android phone and I’m geeked about it cause it seems like something that will get me to finish my projects. I do recommend you check that out.

Ok everyone and their mama writes novels these days. Self publishing services have made it hella easy to make that happen however if that is the route you are taking can I suggest that you read…no inhale every writing book out there if an editor is not an option for you. Inconsistencies, grammar, misspellings, etc are a bad disease to acquire while being a self publisher. I will be starting next month posting a book per month that should help writers improve their craft so visit this blog often for a few changes.

Another goal to put on that list is to step out of your genre zone. Don’t freak out, grab a paper bag and breathe evenly. When writers do one genre they tend to become stagnant a little. It’s similar to driving a certain route to work everyday. One day there is construction that will make you detour another way and suddenly you realize landmarks, stores, houses or people you did not know existed. This is what dipping into another genre will do – enlighten you or make you approach your writing in a different way, you get what I’m saying right? You don’t have to stay permanently in this genre just be open to experiencing new writing techniques.

It’s ok if you’ve slacked on your writing, hell I’ve slacked so much my friends do not even ask how’s the book coming anymore, not a good thing. Do like I’m doing pick my ass up, make some serious goals, review them everyday and keep hustlin! What are your writing goals?

Peace and luv!

Suggested resource: 10 writing resolutions you can fufill

Agents and Their Opinion

I value the advice of people in the writing business. Agents, editors, PR, etc. They have been in the game for awhile so they know a little somethin’, somethin’ because of their long standing career. However every once in awhile there comes an expert who voices their professional opinion and it ends up sounding more like hating than legitimate advice. Which brings me to literary agent Janet Reid. I’m not going to write her whole post, you can check that out on her blog but I do wanna point out a few things she said. Ms. Reid really made a point to tell her fans what self publishing will NOT do for writers.

Self published writers need to sell more than 20,000 copies to get traditional publishers’ attention.

I don’t agree and let me tell you why, not all self publishing authors want to get the attention of a traditional publisher. Most want the freedom of how their book is going to be presented. Why allow some big wighead behind a desk all day try to package and sell your baby with a completely different envision than yours?

Mystery series will not sell.

Why not? I love mysteries and if I know there is a series that means a few things, the writer is in it for the long haul and is not about writing one great book and that’s it. Plus mystery is a popular genre, along with erotica.

She also claims big publishers do not want to read the second series that is selling very well however your first sold less than 100. I self published a book, the plot was decent however me being inexperienced in the publishing game I did not market it right, hire an editor, do a decent job on the book cover, none of that. So just because the first book did not sell like they want it should not make them want to work with you. I have read plenty of books published by traditional publishers and they were garbage. They need to focus on their clients that suck before they start talking about self published authors. Not all of us are traditional published rejects ya feel me?

Amazon’s Self Publishing Bestsellers for October 8th

Fall is the perfect time to fall in love with some good books. Amazon’s self published bestsellers list was released a week ago and here are the lucky winners. Hey, it’s the weekend, enjoy it with a book cause I said so.

Down To You by M. Leighton
On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
Naked by Raine Miller
Longing for Love by Marie Force
Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts
White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert
77 Days in September by Ray Gorham
License to Thrill by Stephanie Bond
Our Husband by Stephanie Bond
The Wild Ones by M. Leighton

Well…. M. Leighton and Stephanie Bonds are getting it in. I gotta step my game up.

Peace and luv!

Independent Awards

One of the ways self publishers can get noticed and acquire readers is if they submit their novel to book awards. Book Cover Cafe has compiled a list of independent publisher book awards to check into; to see the full list visit:

  1. WD Self Published Book Awards @
  2. National Indie Excellence book Awards @
  3. The IPPY Awards @

Be careful when you enter awards or competitions. Try if you can to check them all out thoroughly, just because there may be a decent prize doesn’t mean it’s legit. Check for submission fees, read all guidelines and see if you keep all of the rights. What about copyright issues? If you’ve published your work most likely you have it copyrighted so make sure if by chance your stuff is copied you know what to do to protect your rights (get it? rights…copyRIGHTS anywho…). Bottom line be careful but have fun too.

Peace and luv!