Life Effecting How You Look At Your Writing


I hear numerous writers speak on finding the motivation from within to write everyday because lets face it there will be days where you don’t feel like writing a damn thang.

What I wanna talk about is deeper than just having a bad day and deciding not to write. Let me ask you this, does your life outside of writing (i.e. relationships, friendships, job or lack thereof one, etc) effect how you view your writing? Now I know some of you are putting on your holier than thou pants saying you’re not a real writer if you allow your life situations to effect how you view or approach your writing. To you who think that go sit down somewhere, this post will be for my real people. If you haven’t noticed I’ve slacked on writing especially on this blog. To be honest it’s been because of my current situation. I’m not going to go into descriptive detail about what’s been going on but just know it was bad enough in my eyes to make me not feel the joy of storytelling. Call it me being depressed because when a person is they don’t feel like doing those simple joys of life. My question is can life change how you view your writing? Yes it can. I wish I can tell you differently but I gotta keep it 100. When you can’t feed your family, it effects how you view your writing. When there is a close death you question it. You get what I’m saying?

Have my situation changed? Obviously, if I’m writing again I feel slightly bad for letting it get to that point but my best advice is sometimes you have to step back and re-evaluate your shit until that passion comes back in a full fledge hustlin’ mode. You will be doing your fans a favor. They can tell when you’re not passionate about yours.

Peace and luv!

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Magic 8ball 2011 Version

Everybody remembers that big black 8ball that we swore had all the answers to the questions we would yell into that number 8. It’s amazing that we kept asking questions and never figured that the answers just repeated itself or we were some great actors. We shook and shook that ball making that blue liquid bubble up.

I immediately thought of that ol skool toy when I read about this new app. Unstuck is what it is called. The purpose of it is to get out of any sticky situation. Whatever that is Unstuck helps you make decisions, set goals, overcome obstacles, make plans and get you motivated.

Ok, that sounds good but how are the answers? Are they general answers or are they personalized for whoever is asking? I unfortunately cannot find out because little ole me doesn’t have an iPad. Trust me I have a lot of situations that I need to be unstuck from!

I would love to hear from someone who

8Ball Allstars

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has this app. If you want more details visit

Peace and luv!