Street Lit is Heating Up My Charts Again


To my new readers I started out writing street lit before it hit the stores and before I knew what it really was. It was what I saw in my own neighborhood. Then life happened and I stopped writing altogether. Once I started my passion again I began to read it again I had a huge wake up call. Street lit had become garbage. Bad repetition, cliches, terrible editing and so on laced these so called street lit books and I denounced street lit out of my life and challenged myself to write other genres which I enjoy by the way. I didn’t even want to touch a book. As a writer I didn’t understand how in the hell these books were coming out, it was making us real writers look bad as hell. Something changed. I started reading street lit again because I saw so many people talk about it and I was back hooked again. I have been even motivated enough to wanna write a street lit novel again. I’ve been having a concept in my head for the last two weeks and I am thinking about writing it during next month’s NaNoWriMo event. I have to first finish Dear Daddy. I will let you know the details later but a bish is geeked up about this. Have you read any street lit lately? Holla at me if you have so I can check it out. Peace and luv!

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Use common sense when writing street lit!

I read a lot of street lit that don’t keep my full attention because to be honest they bore me. For whatever reason most street lit writers seem to forget a few basic rules to writing as though they got it like that but really when it’s all said and done they are lessening their credibility as a writer. So let me give those people a few pointers.

Show not tell!

Stop telling me Shaquetta is mad. Show me. For example:

Patricia got mad at Jordan.

Boring! How about showing how mad she was?

Patricia’s left foot stomped down and with all the steam left in her she slapped Jordan across the face.

Which sounds better? Yeah, I know!

If it doesn’t push story along, don’t add it!

I don’t wanna know that Keisha has a new boo thang if it has nothing to do with the story. Only put stuff that is relevant.

Cut the cliches!

In my hood I didn’t always see money in mattresses or big body whips with high yellow heifas taking every man on the block. There was a lot of shootings but not too much of the cliched lifestyle. What I’m trying to say is add some spice to your plot and decrease the cliches. How do you think K’Wan continues with his monster success as a writer?

Slang only on dialogue

I know, I know I use slang here but it’s my blog and I am the narrator. Unless the narrator is a character keep the slang for dialogues.

Hope this helps.

Peace and luv!

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Urban lit vs street lit

I see this being interchanged a lot however are they the same? Urban lit is more of a demographic thing, for example the Valley? Urban. 90210? Urban. Where Valley Girls reside? Urban.

Street lit? That is more of a mentality. An attitude. Not necessarily a place. It is a novel that is most likely written in the hood. The characters speak in slang, most likely drugs, money, sex and a high yellow broad. Yeah I said it. Go to the street lit section, actually african american because they just lump all of us together no matter what genre we write and see who is on the covers. Ninety-eight percent of the chicks on the cover are light skinned, not bitter just being real. Anywho…

Do you realize the difference? Next time you see urban don’t assume it is street ok?

Peace and luv!

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Wikipedia Sexist

We women writers gets no love! Wikipedia has decided to take all of the female writers on the American Novelists list and create a list called Women Novelists list.

Why, may I ask? Is this suppose to make us feel special? Flatter us? Many are calling it sexist and to be honest I agree.

I had to marinate on it for a minute before I wrote this. This argument almost reminds me of the african american section in bookstores. How many nonblacka do you see roaming aroind in that area? Not many trust me. Black authors are thought to only write street lit or erotica and women are known for just writing chich lit. Both are so far from the truth. I write all kinds of genres. And just as good as any many.

So to answer my question hell yeah it’a sexist. Wikipedia should be ashamed of themselves. Focus on great literature rather than the sex of writers. And when did Wikimedia become reliable? They are like the TMZ of the internet. Options definitely needed here.

Peace and luv!

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What’s in a Name?

Mystery, horror, street lit, urban fantasy writer. Are you hung up on labeling yourself? As a society I believe we have become label happy. It doesn’t just effect writers either. With the increase of violence it is easy to label the killer as unstable, depressed or mentally disabled; it seems to put the victims and the world at ease because if there is a name for the foolery then we can get over it sooner.

What type of writer are you?

I have a problem with saying I’m a certain genre writer. One, I have way too many personalities to stay with one genre. There would be some upset characters if I did. To me picking one genre is like an actor who is forever typecasted for certain roles. You won’t see Angela Bassett doing dry comedy. Or what about Adam Sandler or Tina Fey, can you imagine them in dramatic roles?

What I don’t like is stereotyping. I’m black just in case you did not know and it drives me crazy when I admit to some random person I write, instantly they assume I write either erotica or street lit. No boo don’t insult my intelligence by thinking I can’t write any other genre! I know a few black authors who experience the same thing. I have written in those genres but I can do so much more! I have a long list on to prove it.

As far as labeling the novel’s genre now that is different. How else are you going to find me in bookstores? I don’t go into a bookstore to search for a particular genre, I just look for a good book, doesn’t matter what genre it is. How do you search for books? And am I the only one who is not hung up on the labeling thing? Comment, don’t be scurred!

Peace and luv!

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Sister Souljah’s Ghostwriter?

My favorite writer Sister Souljah has become the latest person accused of having a ghostwriter for her newest work, the sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever.

That novel came on the scene damn near 15 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the street lit novel and still resonates as my fav. Now blogs and websites are claiming Sister Souljah used a ghostwriter for the sequel A Deeper Love Inside: the Porsche Santiago Story because the style of the writing is drastically different. Look writers’ styles change. That shows their growth in their talent. I think fans of street lit have been brainwashed by the garbage that newer writers put out. Ninety-nine percent of the works that come out is chopped full of stereotypes that is not a representation of any hood, hell I grew up in one and last I checked I am not high-yellow (or yellah) however the majority of chicks on the covers of these novels are light skinned with hair down to their asses. Every brotha doesn’t sell drugs. I went through more than money, sex and drugs growing up, yet that plot has been the theme for street lit which is so damn sad. It is as if the writers collectively rode the city transportation bus through the hood and stamped themselves as street lit experts.

One of the main reasons I love Sister Souljah’s works is because she goes deeper than the redundant stereotypes. Her works are more character driven, you have no choice but to be drawn to them. I feel like she still stayed with that in the sequel but she has improved but I don’t think it is so drastic that I would accuse her of having a ghostwriter; I don’t know her personally but I don’t think that is her style.

Why are we as blacks a hell of a lot more critical with each other than any other race? We love knocking each other down when it is unnecessary. But what do I know right? Ms. Souljah, keep doing your thang sistah! You are my inspiration!

Peace and luv!

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K’wan’s Animal Is Clawing Its Way Up!

Can you hear that? I know you hear that, it’s loud as hell. It sounds like a hungry animal or maybe it’s K’wan’s new street novel Animal. Released on October 2nd and already making moves on the bestseller’s list. Guess what number he is on? Personally he should be ar #1 however he is at #3 which is damn good if you ask me. Screw Ms Harry Potter’s long awaited adult fiction debut we need to get this brotha to number 1 including me who has yet to it (I know, that’s sad). I wouldn’t mind getting an autographed copy of it….you for research purpose. I mean I do need to do a review on it and possible interview right, so if anyone has connects to him don’t hesitate to use them for me. It never hurts to ask.

I will say I’m proud of him even tho I never met him; he has made it look so easy for ‘us’ to be respected in this cold writing world. Now go out and get 10 copies! Has anybody read it yet?

Peace and luv!