Toni Morrison Honors Dr Maya Angelou


There are some literary legends. One of them who are still living vivaciously, still inspiring the next generation of writers is Dr Maya Angelou. She was honored at the National Book Awards by her friend author Toni Morrison. She received the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community. Deserving this woman is who have changed the peoples’ view of writing and inspired so many, especially black writers who were hidden underneath fear, doubt and criticism. I don’t think she set out to do that, she just wanted to write and tell the truth but she did and we’re thankful that she became a writer. Toni said before her friend accepted the award, “Dr Maya Angelou you improve our world by drawing from us, forcing from us, our better selves.”

Once Dr Angelou accepted the award from her long time friend she responded with, “God put a rainbow in the clouds. You are rainbows in my clouds.” She finished by thanking the literary world whether she deserved it or not.

Hats off to you!

Peace and luv!

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Street Lit is Heating Up My Charts Again


To my new readers I started out writing street lit before it hit the stores and before I knew what it really was. It was what I saw in my own neighborhood. Then life happened and I stopped writing altogether. Once I started my passion again I began to read it again I had a huge wake up call. Street lit had become garbage. Bad repetition, cliches, terrible editing and so on laced these so called street lit books and I denounced street lit out of my life and challenged myself to write other genres which I enjoy by the way. I didn’t even want to touch a book. As a writer I didn’t understand how in the hell these books were coming out, it was making us real writers look bad as hell. Something changed. I started reading street lit again because I saw so many people talk about it and I was back hooked again. I have been even motivated enough to wanna write a street lit novel again. I’ve been having a concept in my head for the last two weeks and I am thinking about writing it during next month’s NaNoWriMo event. I have to first finish Dear Daddy. I will let you know the details later but a bish is geeked up about this. Have you read any street lit lately? Holla at me if you have so I can check it out. Peace and luv!

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Union & Guild Resources

I haven’t told you but I’ve given up on freelance writing. I haven’t had much success as long as I have been pursuing it I should have had more success and I haven’t. Back to the 9-5 situation which is driving me crazy but one must digress and handle business. I’m not saying you can’t have that success. Hey if you’ve found a way let me and my readers know about it maybe it is something we haven’t tried yet. In the meantime for those who deal with it 24/7 I’m for sure the issues of pay and health insurance is a concern for you, trust me pay was on mine. So MediaBistro has compiled a list of resources from the union and guild. Have you joined any of them?

Authors Guild
Writers Guild of America east/west
Newspaper Guild
Boston NWU Chapter
Chicago NWU Chapter
Freelancers Union
LA NWU Chapter
NY NWU Chapter
Pacific Northwest NWU Chapter
Philadelphia NWU Chapter
S.F. Bay Arena NWU Chapter
Santa Cruz/Monterey NWU Chapter
Southeast Michigan NWU Chapter
Tucson NWU Chapter
Twin Cities NWU Chapter
Washington DC NWU Chapter
Western New England NWU Chapter

Peace and luv!

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Agents & Conferences Looking for Writers 8-29-13


Get your pens and papers ready. Here are three agents looking for writers!

Lisa Rodgers – Jabberwocky Literary
Julie Just – Pippin Properties
Sharon Pelletier – Dystel & Goderich

Conference to check out:

American Christian Fiction Writers Conference
Sept. 13-15th, Indianapolis, IN

Northern Ohio SCWBWI Conference
Sept. 20-21st, Cleveland, OH

Writer’s Digest Conference West
Sept. 27-29th, L.A.

Oklahoma SCBWI “Agents Day”
Oct. 5th, Chandler, OK

Emerald City Writers Conference
Oct 18-20th, Bellevue, WA

Mid-Atlantic SCBWI Conference
Oct. 25-26th, Sterling, VA

Missouri SCBWI Conference
Nov. 2-3rd, St. Charles, MO

Atlanta Writers Conference
Nov. 8-9th, Atlanta, GA

San Francisco Writers Conference
Feb. 13-16th, 2014

Missouri Writers Guild Conference
April 25-27th 2014, St. Louis, MO

Peace and luv!

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Table 4 Writer’s Foundation

From now until October 15th you can submit a short story for the Table 4 Writer’s Foundation Writing Competition. Five winners will win $2500 grants in honor of restaurant owner Elaine Kaufman who welcomed writers into her restaurant daily.

Download the application at then send it with a $10 fee. Good luck!

Peace and luv!

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Books to Check Out

Haven’t given this to you in awhile. Here is the self published bestsellers list for the week of August 26th.


Raising Ryann – Alyssa Rae Taylor
Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken
Stripped – Jasinda Wilder
Dust – Hugh Howey
Freefall – Tess Oliver


Freefall – Tess Oliver
Ruin – Rachel Van Dyken
Stay With Me – Samantha Chase
Faithful – Kelly Elliott
Into the Deep – Samantha Young


Heller’s Decision – JD Nixon
Rock Chick Revolution – Kristen Ashley
Chasing Paradise – Pamela Ann
Natural Consequences – Elliott Kay
Fate of the Kinunir – Robert E. Vardeman

Go ahead and add these to your lists if you haven’t already.

Peace and luv!

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Universal Pictures Writers’ Fellowship

Great, memorable movies have become scarce as hell these last few years. Everything is remakes of what was already done. Originality has officially left the building. It’s rare that a beginning screenwriter/director will get shine on the big screen or the television screen. A few such as Lee Daniels and LaShonda Rhimes have slid through and I’m grateful because that is motivation for me but (and you knew there was a but) there isn’t enough good screenwriters. Well aspiring screenwriters listen up because opportunity is knocking at your door with a vengeance.

Universal Pictures (yes that Universal) has set up a writer’s fellowship program for up to five potential writers to work with the studio for a year. They will be able to:

Work on current projects
Pitch original ideas
Attend workshops
Receive mentoring
Interact with top literary agents and
Sit in on Universal’s executive meetings

Starting September 3rd applicants can submit their packets. Only online submissions allowed and only 500 will be accepted. The Writers’ Fellowship Application, a legal release form, resume, 2 letters of recommendations and a statement of purpose answers are what are required. Semi finalists will be asked for a 2nd screenplay. Ten finalists will then be chosen and be interviewed in LA. Finally 5 will be chosen as participants of Universal Pictures Writers’ Fellowship. Visit for full info and good luck!

Peace and luv!

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