Life Effecting How You Look At Your Writing


I hear numerous writers speak on finding the motivation from within to write everyday because lets face it there will be days where you don’t feel like writing a damn thang.

What I wanna talk about is deeper than just having a bad day and deciding not to write. Let me ask you this, does your life outside of writing (i.e. relationships, friendships, job or lack thereof one, etc) effect how you view your writing? Now I know some of you are putting on your holier than thou pants saying you’re not a real writer if you allow your life situations to effect how you view or approach your writing. To you who think that go sit down somewhere, this post will be for my real people. If you haven’t noticed I’ve slacked on writing especially on this blog. To be honest it’s been because of my current situation. I’m not going to go into descriptive detail about what’s been going on but just know it was bad enough in my eyes to make me not feel the joy of storytelling. Call it me being depressed because when a person is they don’t feel like doing those simple joys of life. My question is can life change how you view your writing? Yes it can. I wish I can tell you differently but I gotta keep it 100. When you can’t feed your family, it effects how you view your writing. When there is a close death you question it. You get what I’m saying?

Have my situation changed? Obviously, if I’m writing again I feel slightly bad for letting it get to that point but my best advice is sometimes you have to step back and re-evaluate your shit until that passion comes back in a full fledge hustlin’ mode. You will be doing your fans a favor. They can tell when you’re not passionate about yours.

Peace and luv!

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Reconnecting with the Love of My Life

If someone would have told me I would hate to write I would have slapped them! Then I would have told them to get out of my face; yeah I went hard but it’s the truth. For the last few weeks my love for writing has been questionable. I couldn’t motivate myself to even write a blog post that’s how deep it was.

Don’t get this post twisted or misuse it I’m still not where I want to be with my relationship but I’ll get it together because I came too far. Have you had that moment where you’re just not feeling it mentally? Let me just say it’s ok to want to take a break from writing. I will never quit for good but I do recommend breaks. Breaks will help rejuvenate your flow and make you realize how much you need to stay in the writing game at least for me it is.

Another problem is I was on Facebook too much. What the hell does that has to do with anything? Because I would see writers giving out release dates and I’d get jealous. Just a tip, don’t compare yourself to other authors. They struggle too and I’m for sure they have gone through what you are mentally going through, just do you and go hard. Take heed to that and I will see you on the bestsellers’ list.

Peace and luv!

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A Date, A One Night Stand or A Tease Idea Writer

What do you do when an idea pop up for a novel? You’ve heard the suggestions to have a notebook by your bed or with you at all times so you can write down what you think of right? Do you? Are you one of these types of idea writers?

A dater. A dater is a writer who writes down the ideas as they come to them in their notebook, computer or their smartphone and puts them away. They marinate on the idea later then put it away then come back to it again. They allow themselves to get to know the story idea, find out its weakness and potentials, you feel me?

What about a one night stand? A one night stand idea writer gets so excited and passionate about an idea as soon as the idea strikes. It’s almost euphoric how you feel. You even go the extra mile and write it down then the next day comes, you read it again and ask yourself what in the hell was you thinking or on when you wrote that idea down. That’s the one night stand idea writer. I’ve done this several times (don’t judge).

A tease. Yall know who yall are you big tease you! A tease will have an idea, write it down but here’s the difference between the others, the writer will write ideas and/or an outline as if they are really going to put it out. But then, agh you decide to keep it moving leaving that outline to its wondering whys and what I dids.

So what are you? I won’t tell.

Peace and luv!

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The Breakup: When Should you Breakup with That Novel

Breaking up is hard to do. How do you know when to let a relationship go? That goes for any type whether it is a boyfriend/girlfriend, job or a manuscript. In situations like this, especially in a personal relationship, it’s always an outsider that tells us ish is not right and we need to get out. Deep down you knew it was a wrap a long time ago but you keep trying because…well why do we stay?

I recently let go of a project I’ve been working on for years. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve re-wrote that thing! Finally I said enough is enough. After I let it go I felt better, yes I’m still talking about my manuscript! I held onto it because I felt obligated. I told so many people I had written it that I felt guilty for not writing it. Sometimes it’s good to tell someone that you are writing a novel so that it keeps you motivated but recognize those moments. And don’t feel an ounce of guilt if deep down you know you have to break up with it. Make sure you have another project in the works.

Another reason to quit is no excitement. If every time you think about writing a little on the novel and you don’t get geeked about it then it might be time to let it go. Hey it happens. Think about it though, if you don’t have excitement for it that reflects on the way you write; the agent, publisher or yourself will not feel passionate enough to promote it resulting in low to no sales.

Can’t seem to conjure up an ending? Sucks that you get to the end and nothing sparks the story no matter how you flip it. This could mean some scenes need to be changed in the story or it could mean you’re just not that into it and need to break up. Say your goodbyes and keep it moving.

It’s easier said than done but at the end of the day it works out for everyone. Have you ever had to break up with a novel? If so how did you do it?

Peace and luv!

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The untitled: Rant & Muthafuckin Ravin’

To work feverishly as if you’re on your deathbed.

To write until your fingers are numb and indents are worn deep in the crevass between the thumb and pointer finger and on the side of my middle finger.

Ironic it should be there because I don’t give a fuck, I’m writing. Bitch don’t kill my vibe!

I have to succeed because I have no plan b.

I eat, breath and believe in myself. You have no choice but to believe in me too because that is how assured I am.

My intelligence and imagination should be in prison for its murderous ways. Don’t hate, suck your ugly teeth or roll those eyes…well go ahead, I’m not paying attention anyway.

My eyelids may waiver shut but my hand keeps writing, it’s incohesive with my mind. They got this!

I have so many stories to tell so many needing to be told so be patient lil ones, they’re coming!

Peace and luv!

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Writing Motivation

We’ve all been there. Sit down to write and….nothing, completely blank. Damn writer’s block has struck again! What do you do about it? Walk away? Throw things? Scream at the top of your lungs? Pull your hair out? Hopefully nothing that extreme.

TypeTrigger may be able to help you not experience writer’s block. Head on over to the site and you will see daily prompts that may trigger your creative side or maybe you’re not having writer’s block. Maybe you need a break from your usual manuscript and want to write something different for a sec, no problem here is a place to go for that. Four times a day the website will post word prompts, whatever you write share it on the website if you would like…well if you want to.

Peace and luv

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Fuck a therapist, writing is my therapy!

Lets get to the point – writers have issues. Don’t deny it we do, the quicker you realize that the better off you will be. There is nothing wrong with it, embrace it because you don’t then you won’t be the awesome writer that you are now. Hell I don’t even stick with one genre; too many personalities inside my head and if I pick one genre there would be some serious war going on up there.

I had took my son to his therapist the other day and as I am sitting there I was thinking how crazy I am and maybe I need to see a therapist too. No I am not joking which is sad but comical at the same time. I came to the conclusion after realizing I am crazy that I don’t need a therapist (don’t say anything smart!), writing is clearly my therapy. When I write it’s usually while laying on my couch, I pour out my feelings, emotions, and issues (well actually it’s the character’s emotions but anywhoo) but isn’t that what I would do at a shrink’s office? After a serious writing session I feel refreshed as if I just had an exorcism…wait it’s not that deep but you get the idea.

So writers why spend all that money to go have a therapist tell you what you already know? Just get a pad of paper and a pen or your laptop and write until your issues are gone. That is better than spending a hour staring at a mysterious brown spot on the ceiling with an old hag pretending he is making notes when really he is drawing a weird caricature of you pouring your heart out.

See I feel better even after writing this post. Whenever I’m feeling some type of way I write, it’s my security blanket. I write until the pain goes away.

Don’t be ashamed because you have more issues than a lil bit. That money you were going to use for a shrink instead use it for a really great editor. Ok, that’s my rant and rave for the day, now back to your regularly scheduled writing.

Peace and luv!

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