Are Oscars Important To You?

When I started really to go hard on this writing journey I said I didn’t want to limit my talents to just one genre (no disrespect to the writers that do). All I want to do is write good work. I also said that I want to be the Spike Lee of the writing world because his works are prolific. He hits on subjects affecting our community however the main reason I want to be compared to him is that he pushes the limits. His work makes his viewers think. I want to do that! I respect him and I respect his opinions. With that being said just because I respect his opinions doesn’t mean I agree with them.

Recently Spike Lee has been heard admitting that winning an Oscar is not important. It’s not all about getting an Oscar true but if I’m creating these hit movies using my own money I deserve at some point in my career to be recognized for it be it an award, etc.

If he is in another level mentally that allows him to surpass worrying about his epic movies winning an Oscar then more power to you boo. Again yes there is more to writing than frivolous fake gold plated awards but damnit I’m human and a tad bit self-absorbed so I want one of those naked men so I can finally cross it off my bucket list.

To all my writers is it important to be recognized materialistically for your work?

Peace and luv!


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