Moving On From Your Comfort Zone

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I’ve noticed as I’ve become a full-time freelance writer a few things. The main thing is you can easily get comfortable once you get a gig.

Not complaining abut the job I have currently but life is about growing and learning, ya feel me? I strongly feel that life is constant and you should always look for something better and once you stop trying to challenge yourself – you’re dead. Plain and simple.

The most important thing a writer should do is have your goals right in front of you at all times. Having that reminder in front of you allows you to stay focus on the task at hand. It took me forever to buckle down and write all my goals. I’m still working on it everyday but it’s important to get that together.

Know Your Worth!

I remember getting a writing gig. I was geeked up. I dove right on in with excitement and intense focus. As I’ve said before I was not intending to stay stagnant for this long.

Beginners who’ve never had a writing gig will take the first offer terrified that if they decline they will be doomed to hustle for another six months or more before the next one hit. Look, any experience help. Just don’t get gullible alright? That new gig is another line to put on your resume. However when doing that gig always have your goal in full view; I can’t stress that enough. Keep in mind though that this is temporary and you deserve to make more money. See that word – deserve? That’s the key word.

How Much Should You Be Paid?

This is the hard part. I don’t have a specific amount you should demand because I don’t know how experienced you are or your goals. I do know that you need to be a realist especially if you’re just starting. Don’t sell yourself short. My advice to you is set a certain price and go with it for a minute (like a 30 day trial) and see how many offers you get then go from there.

Slight Cockiness Welcomed Here!

A writer is their own boss. In order for you to eat you need to be confident in your skills. Otherwise you will not get many offers and that’s the truth. Not pushing yourself will leave you left behind so get out there and do your thug thizzle!

What do you do to stay relevant and motivated to move on to bigger and better things?

Peace and luv!


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