24/7 Dick Fetish

School books are not the only thing this girl is spreading! Since going away to college Passion has found out she has a sick dick fetish. The first night she gets invited to a freshman party and ends up bent over in a face down, ass up kind of way and a big, slightly curved dick deep in her rearranging all of her insides. Passion has been searching for ‘that’ addictive dick ever since like a crackhead chasing that first hit high.

The idea of her coming home for Thanksgiving makes her have repetitive panic attacks. She knows NOTHING is going down in her shoe-box sized hometown where everybody knows everybody and all of everybody attends her father’s church. Time to slide into her daddy’s little girl routine again.

‘I want u, cum get me!’

This one text starts Passion on a wild scavenger hunt for Mr. Mandingo! This mysterious man texts her from a private number with riddles that takes her to many spots in her city which is suppose to give her hints to who Mr. Mandingo is. Her pussy ends up getting massaged, dominated, worshiped, blessed and eaten before he is exposed.

Sexhibition is told from Passion’s point of view. Blunt and down right freaky she holds nothing back. Through her quest to quench her thirsty kat she is shown that fucking and making love are not interchangeable and that her body is in fact her temple.


Sex Therapy (song)Now the question for you is are you ready to find Mr. Mandingo?



Sexhibition coming in 2012!


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